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Windows XP users a buffer zone

In addition to Windows XP users a buffer zone, these users prefer Microsoft's move to its high hopes for Windows 8/8.1.
Indeed, when the user recognize the benefits of Windows 8/8.1 after, they even want to upgrade, but also face the upgrade costs a small fortune. Of course, you can view the configuration of your own computer, if they meet Microsoft standards (above 1GHz processor, memory, 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit), hard disk 16GB (32-bit) or 20GB (64-bit), graphics Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver card), then OK, you can just spend a little money to buy a Windows 8/8.1.
Saying this is not high hardware requirements, Windows XP users can upgrade to Windows 8. Today, Microsoft offers for Chinese users, the original price 988 yuan of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, price is 888 yuan. Of course, now the price is far from October 26, 2012, after a period of time Windows 8 release promotional price as long as 98 yuan.
Zhang Yongli pointed out that although you can still use Windows XP, but we kindly remind the user that this product for 13 years has been unable to meet the demands of the Internet age, and varied enough to deal with emerging security threats.
Nevertheless, the Microsoft for users in China also provides an additional service support, even in this April 8 stop system support for Microsoft Windows XP, but before July next year Microsoft will still continue under Windows XP Malware signature updates, this level of protection, third-party security software can not do.
Have to say, no matter what kind of security products, stop for a system-level security updates to the operating system, and its protective effect is limited. From the application experience, data security and return on investment perspective, the user should act as soon as possible, to upgrade to the next generation of the Windows operating system that can better adapt to the latest network, hardware and software environment, and for further security.
Present and future: Free is the Microsoft way?
In the just-concluded MWC2014, Microsoft announced a number of Windows Phone manufacturers to join, including: Foxconn, Jin, JSR, India Karbonn, India Lava (Xolo phone), Lenovo, LG, Shanghai Dragon flag and ZTE. The move allows Microsoft's Windows Phone camp further expanded.
In addition, Microsoft on MWC2014 also revealed more details of the future of Windows Phone, such as support for more hardware platforms, dual SIM cards, virtual buttons and so on. Also learned more about Windows Phone 8.1 news will be announced in early April the Microsoft Build Conference.
Recently, the one about Windows Phone news that shocked the industry - Microsoft is working with some of the smart phone manufacturers to negotiate free as possible. While it is no more revealing details, Microsoft officials did not respond to the news, the news enough to shake the entire industry.
However, the current smartphone market structure point of view, Windows Phone is behind Android and iOS the third largest mobile operating system. While Windows Phone has a good growth, but overall, Windows Phone is still a few companies and few users plaything, Microsoft has been in the bag in addition to Nokia, Windows Phone promotion dead outside only Windows Phone manufacturer HTC, Samsung, Huawei and a few other vendors, and they just put Windows Phone as an experiment.
Although this increased the number of Microsoft announced OEM partners, but these companies are wholeheartedly to promote Windows Phone is still unknown. If Microsoft Windows Phone cancel the license fee, which for the development of today's more subtle smartphone market, perhaps as a variable.
More and more people will see that Apple's iOS is his own park, while Google's Android is that everyone can Laishua garden, which is also Android fans many reasons, but one can not ignore the phenomenon is Android's open application experience too cause confusion between the two circles on Windows Phone to become a new choice.
But most manufacturers do not want to launch Windows Phone reasons include: licensing fees are too high, fewer applications, Microsoft support is not enough, Microsoft's own equipment and so on. Today, Microsoft is incorporating the Nokia, to create their own Windows Phone, then let those vendors who support Windows Phone feeling awkward, if Microsoft Windows Phone open at this time, not only for those vendors more actively promote their products, but also be able to further expand and improve the ecosystem of Windows Phone.
Microsoft why not do it?
For Windows Phone is the topic of the future of free, Zhang Yongli said no comment.

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