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Since the rapid development of the Internet era, a new cloud computing era is coming. However, what will be the attitude of cloud computing into people's work and life, but has been controversial. In many people's eyes, the cloud is still prohibitive and the highbrow. As the world's leading software and solutions provider, Microsoft is working through its own sophisticated software platform, experience a variety of Internet services and business model, to provide users with the most comprehensive cloud computing solutions, so do make cloud tentacles accessible.
Cloud computing has various definitions in the industry, Microsoft seems to cloud computing is not a simple product or technology, but rather a general term for new ways to generate and acquire computing power. Cloud computing can be both to provide a dynamic, configuration, and needed to cancel the supply of computing and storage platforms, and can be an application service can be accessed via the Internet. Cloud computing will be the future long-term development model IT, Internet and telecommunications services, its appearance will have a great impact on the IT application and deployment models, business models, so that the existing IT ecosystem changed dramatically, it will have a profound impact on the upstream and downstream industry chain.
Personal PC era, Microsoft's vision is to have every family a PC, with the popularity of the Internet, Microsoft is hoping the power of the Internet and software for users to create applications seamlessly across different devices experience. The advent of cloud computing era will undoubtedly accelerate the realization of this new vision. October 2008, Microsoft released its own public cloud computing platform - Windows Azure Platform, which opened the curtain of Microsoft's cloud computing. Microsoft advocates the "three screens a cloud", its meaning is to fully utilize the power of the Internet, give full play to the advantages of Microsoft in the software field, in order to better integrate software based PC, phone, TV three different types of terminals to provide clients seamless user experience needed. The concept of the Internet and terminal technology for the perfect combination, according to the needs of users of different systems, the use of the Internet, which means a wide range of media and Microsoft leading data center technology, in different ways online services client to be reflected, provides users with a variety of cloud experience.
Microsoft's cloud computing solutions, including public and private cloud, both can help enterprises build private clouds, and can help companies build public cloud, or allow enterprises to choose operators based on Microsoft's public cloud platform cloud services. In order to better promote cloud computing, Microsoft offers three different cloud computing business model for their customers and partners: First, Microsoft Operations Microsoft cloud: Microsoft to build and operate their own public cloud applications and services, to offers individual consumers and business customers cloud services. Second, partners operate: various partners ISV / SI, etc. can be developed based on the Windows Azure Platform ERP, CRM and other cloud computing applications and services on Windows Azure Platform for end users. Third, customer self-built private cloud: customers can choose Microsoft's cloud computing solutions to build their own cloud computing platform. Microsoft can provide comprehensive support, including products, technologies, platforms, and operation and maintenance management, including for the user.
And other company's cloud computing strategy is different from Microsoft's cloud computing strategy has three typical features: the software + services platform strategy, and freedom of choice. The "Software + Services" is especially important. In the cloud computing era, whether a company does not need to deploy any of their own IT systems, everything from cloud computing platform to get? Many companies believe that some IT services from the cloud to get fit, such as CRM, Web conferencing, e-mail, etc.; But some systems are not suitable for deployment in the cloud, as their core business systems, financial systems. Microsoft believes that the ideal model would be "software + services", that both companies will obtain the necessary services from the cloud, will own deployment-related IT systems. This not only inherits the advantages of traditional software fully deployed, but also a lot of use of the new features of cloud computing, provides customers with more choices.
Microsoft's proven software platform, rich experience Internet service, diversified business model provides users with the most comprehensive cloud computing solutions. In the future, Microsoft will have more cloud computing solutions appear. Microsoft is committed to developing cloud migration tool, it will be a smooth migration of traditional applications to the cloud computing platform. In this way, users can take full advantage of their existing systems to migrate them to the cloud platform, which greatly enriched the cloud applications. Microsoft's cloud-based solutions are being more widely used, but also won more and more users. We believe that by combining their strengths in Microsoft's software in the field of cloud computing with innovative technology, will enable the cloud into a perfect experience of the user terminal, so the cloud has become within reach from the true sense.


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