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Microsoft Imagine Cup: provide a broad platform for artistic expression

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This year they emerged as the first event in China, directly qualify for the world finals. For help them fulfill their dreams through the Microsoft Imagine Cup, sincerity, Fuzhou University School of Forestry into who said: All the hard work is worth it, made their own 3D development direction, and ultimately to implement a successful product, there is a sense of accomplishment.
Sogoal single Xin: Microsoft Imagine Cup: provide a broad platform for artistic expression
Single-Xin, born in 1988, South China Agricultural University College of Information Kenji students, with their own independent game developers Soul Door, stand out from the Microsoft Imagine Cup projects this year, hundreds of enrollment into forty strong, semifinals, finals, won first group game, waiting for a candidate to enter the global finals - the whole he is the only one person.
Xin had three small single Hobbies: movies, novels, games. A director and a writer, he felt he was too far away from these two dreams, so he chose the game to express their own values. Chose to do an independent game, because playing games like when the director, wanted to convey some of their own stuff. He believes that the game is the ultimate form of artistic expression, while Microsoft's Imagine Cup for his artistic expression provides a more open platform.
To prepare for the Imagine Cup competition, single Xin obtain information from the open source community, use of leisure time to write a game engine, a write is one year, beginning in September 2012 to make the product, the product line after three months. Days of September to December, the day and night to do a single Xin said, was a lot of pressure, how often you want to do is endless, and if for whatever reason can not go on how to do. But in order to dream, for Imagine Cup, finally in mid-December 2012 release of the product.
Eventually, the door to the soul of his work in the 2013 Microsoft Imagine Cup finals game category the first prize in China. Soul's Gate is a puzzle adventure game. It is also a time consuming one and a half to complete the development of the game by a single independent Xin alone. Exquisite hand-drawn scenes, set parallel to the physical world and the sublime music brings an immersive gaming experience.
Participate in the Imagine Cup, a single Xin feel tired but very fulfilling. Through Imagine Cup, I was exposed to advanced technology, broadening the horizons and get more opportunities to communicate, circle expands; more importantly, discovered his potential. Now a single Xin, after Imagine Cup win, have their own personal website, fans also increased a lot, also have their own games more interactive players to create their own ultimate artistic - expression worldview with the game, a single Xin from the dream is getting closer.
By the Great Wall plans to foster new ventures program, Microsoft fully supports the Chinese to build a strong and innovative local IT ecosystem: 2011, Microsoft plans to support the new venture will invest 1.4 billion yuan in five years, supporting 3000 software startups and development tools, since the program was introduced into China, has been to foster the creation of 900 companies, to provide free technical support for businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance their influence in the technology field.
Great plan - help China and the rise of academic strength beyond
Zhu, now an associate professor of Tsinghua University. Was an intern at Microsoft Research Asia, was named Best Intern and visited Bill Gates home. Microsoft academic scholarship. Top-level meeting in machine learning and magazines published more than 40 papers, chaired field NIPS2013 well ICML2014 other top regional co-chair of the meeting, selected Tsinghua basic research personnel plan.
Zhu from rural areas, parents are out farmers. Childhood dream was to become a soldier, to the high school after the teachers come to love this industry, and aspires to become a teacher.
Zhu loving math, but later in the high school teacher inspired choice of computer science, before this, he had almost no access to a computer. In the course of college, he gradually attracted to computer science, on the one hand a lot of basic courses are math; other computer professionals also provides many tools to solve specific problems. He is now engaged in machine learning is a close connection with the mathematical and computer fields.
Internship at Microsoft Research Asia is his first job. Originally wanted to feel, I did not expect a sudden spent three years at the Academy. Talking about this experience, he said: I contacted Microsoft in earlier research has taught me many things, and I am honored and many outstanding researchers work together, they thought active and capable, but very hard, I learned from them learned a lot, including basic research process and constantly go beyond the spirit of the self.
Practical interest, insisting that the best intern Zhu Juncheng for the year, to • Bill Gates house that visit impressed him, the future of Microsoft's grasp of science and technology and technological innovation capability deeply shocked him; Meanwhile, Microsoft researcher their patience communication, career planning guidance also allows him to benefit.

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