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The first window, the office is now banned Chinese government

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Earlier this year, China banned the use of Windows 8, and now it seems, the state has not tried to distance himself from the Microsoft software. 
From International report, it said that the Chinese central government and its subordinate departments partial ban on the use of Microsoft Office. The reason for the ban on the same Windows 8: Chinese officials believe it contains the U.S. government spy. 
Instead of the office, China will use its own internal growth of software as a replacement of a popular productivity suite, CRI claims report. 
This news is obviously a huge blow to Microsoft, which is trying to penetrate the Chinese market for its licensed software. At this point, the former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that in China's 10 copies of pirated Windows nine. 
The Chinese government is actively avoid Microsoft software platform to support in its interior, we want to know that Microsoft will work with China to address these issues directly. 
China is a huge market, and Microsoft has its own software, shut down the region may seriously reduce the potential for profit. So far, China has not placed any prohibited Windows phone, but we would not be surprised to see this happen in the near future based on these actions. 
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