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Microsoft XP shut down Countdown: domestic security company ushered opportunities

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April 8 this year, Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP systems. The system then, this still has a wide user base will be in the "naked state. Microsoft wants XP shut down, users have to use Windows 8 system, but this upgrade can not be achieved. Now, security vendors targeting this opportunity. 
XP shut down countdown 
Windows XP released in 2001, is the most influential operating system. For 12 years, although Microsoft has launched Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system, but the system is still the most popular XP operating system. 
Latest data from the U.S. market research firm Net Applications show, Windows XP operating system share of the global desktop operating system market is still nearly 30%. According to some of the industry's statistics, XP system in the country's market share is still very high. In some departments and large state-owned enterprises, XP system applications lowest proportion of over 60%, the highest even close to 95%. 
By constantly upgrading the operating system is Microsoft's business model has always been, apparently Microsoft is not willing to see a lot of business users, "nostalgia XP system. To this end, Microsoft announced that it will discontinue support for XP systems on April 8 this year, and called for corporate users to migrate to the latest operating system. Currently, Microsoft stopped support for XP from the time the system has been less than 100 days. 
In order to allow business users to upgrade the operating system, Microsoft continually "education and" remind business users, XP system after Microsoft stopped support will face a lot of security risks. Microsoft also released a security report had specifically warned the probability of enterprise users infected with malware using the XP system will be greatly increased. 
However, for many enterprise users, upgrade the operating system is not a simple matter. In addition to companies need to pay high cost, and because many government agencies and enterprise information system applications is carried out, application migration, developed under XP system environment is also a time-consuming thing. Insiders said that the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions of the information system by the XP system in a short time is difficult to complete the migration to Win7 / 8 system, a conservative estimate that will last for 1-5 years. 
As a global program, Microsoft again for Chinese users to extend support for XP systems has been minimal possibility. Even Microsoft will provide future support XP service is also expected to charge exorbitant fees, business users will not necessarily be accepted. Then, during the transition period, business users how to ensure information security has become a thorny new problems.
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