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Microsoft announced a new generation of Windows Live Essentials

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Microsoft officially announced a new version of Windows Live Essentials, a brief description of its improvement. Windows Live Essentials includes instant messaging Messenger, e-mail Mail, Photo Gallery Photo Gallery, Movie Maker Movie Maker, Writer, Sync and Family Safety, Family Safety, Microsoft will open the next few weeks to test.
In the upcoming release of the new version, Microsoft has made major improvements in two areas: to make each task easier; to Windows 7 and cloud computing together.
- Windows 7 has largely simplifies the user's task, in the new Windows Live, Microsoft is committed to providing users save even more time, Essentials can help users achieve a more easy and convenient exchange and communication, and easily production, publishing and sharing photos, audio and video information.
The new version of Windows Live Essentials integrates Windows Ribbon user interface 7 support graphics, animation GPU hardware acceleration, support for Windows 7 taskbar Jumplist function of ......
- Today, many cloud services have achieved the same through the browser, but also in combination with Windows Live Essentials Windows 7 together provide users with more cloud computing services. Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, e-mail and instant messaging services and realize the sharing of photos, audio and video (SkyDrive, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, SmugMug), social networks (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn), Email (Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo ! Mail), blog (Spaces, WordPress, Blogger) and documentation services (Office Web Apps) are closely connected.
Microsoft first introduced some improvements Windows Live Photo Gallery, and said that he would continue to introduce other components of Windows Live Essentials.
The new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery uses the Windows 7 Ribbon interface, you can quickly be sorted by date, label, size and so on. In addition, how many photos you want to search for photos of it? The best way of course is to search by people, the new photo gallery face recognition technology introduced in the lap of someone, you can quickly search that contains the person's photograph.
The new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery provides automatic adjustment, retouching, batch processing, after adjusting for a good photo can also be posted directly to the web, such as social networking sites, SkyDrive, mail and so on.

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مشخصات دیگنیتی said:
Mon, 21 Jun 2021 22:29:40 -1100

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Emma said:
Mon, 05 Dec 2022 03:12:28 -1100

Microsoft announced a new generation of Windows Live Essentials, which includes a new photo gallery, movie maker, mail, and messenger. The photo gallery offers new ways to edit home real estate Mariposa and share photos, while the movie maker helps you create and edit videos. The mail and messenger apps have been redesigned with a new look and feel.

zaiya said:
Sat, 31 Dec 2022 07:48:36 -1100

Windows Live Essentials is a free program from Microsoft that provides a set of tools for email, instant messaging, photo sharing, and more. The new generation of Windows Live Essentials includes a new email program, a new instant messaging program, and a new photo sharing program. <a href="">diamond rings</a> Microsoft has also announced a new version of the Windows Live Essentials program for mobile devices.

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