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Microsoft XP shut down Countdown: domestic security company ushered opportunities

April 8 this year, Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP systems. The system then, this still has a wide user base will be in the "naked state. Microsoft wants XP shut down, users have to use Windows 8 system, but this upgrade can not be achieved. Now, security vendors targeting this opportunity. 
XP shut down countdown 
Windows XP released in 2001, is the most influential operating system. For 12 years, although Microsoft has launched Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system, but the system is still the most popular XP operating system. 
Latest data from the U.S. market research firm Net Applications show, Windows XP operating system share of the global desktop operating system market is still nearly 30%. According to some of the industry's statistics, XP system in the country's market share is still very high. In some departments and large state-owned enterprises, XP system applications lowest proportion of over 60%, the highest even close to 95%. 
By constantly upgrading the operating system is Microsoft's business model has always been, apparently Microsoft is not willing to see a lot of business users, "nostalgia XP system. To this end, Microsoft announced that it will discontinue support for XP systems on April 8 this year, and called for corporate users to migrate to the latest operating system. Currently, Microsoft stopped support for XP from the time the system has been less than 100 days. 
In order to allow business users to upgrade the operating system, Microsoft continually "education and" remind business users, XP system after Microsoft stopped support will face a lot of security risks. Microsoft also released a security report had specifically warned the probability of enterprise users infected with malware using the XP system will be greatly increased. 
However, for many enterprise users, upgrade the operating system is not a simple matter. In addition to companies need to pay high cost, and because many government agencies and enterprise information system applications is carried out, application migration, developed under XP system environment is also a time-consuming thing. Insiders said that the party and government organs, enterprises and institutions of the information system by the XP system in a short time is difficult to complete the migration to Win7 / 8 system, a conservative estimate that will last for 1-5 years. 
As a global program, Microsoft again for Chinese users to extend support for XP systems has been minimal possibility. Even Microsoft will provide future support XP service is also expected to charge exorbitant fees, business users will not necessarily be accepted. Then, during the transition period, business users how to ensure information security has become a thorny new problems.
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Onda VX878 join Microsoft PlayFX dominant faction in power

Microsoft PlayFX sound is undoubtedly a major highlight of the current market, in a short time, PlayFX sound experience with new music in the MP3 market can be described shine. As the core of the sound co-producers, Onda's e-VX858, VX838, VX989, VX969, and other models have been achieved after the sound, the new VX878 naturally outdone recently released the latest firmware sound purchased VX878 Users You can download the firmware update machines and experience the charm of this unique new sound. 
Download: # 90715 
Currently Onda Rockchip chip models across the board basically achieved this Microsoft PlayFX sound, this is a good news for users, but also the positive efforts for the development of the whole Onda MP3 sound played a leading role. Microsoft PlayFX technology is the Windows Vista operating system, a set of audio enhancement technology to the consumer device, that is equipped with the PlayFX MP3 audio player can bring the same sound with the Vista platform, which mainly includes three aspects technology: 
3D Surround (3D Headphone): advanced space surround technology breaking the previous two-channel music experience, making the ordinary headphones can produce 3D stereo spatial effect, creating a rich and fulfilling sense of hearing music layering. 
Pure bass (Pure Bass): by Bass Boost can be adjusted to produce clear and pure bass, super-low-frequency outstanding music of depth, making the headset can also be brought shocking sound like high power speaker issued. 
Volume balance (Auto Volume): Provides volume standard consistent listening experience in the process of playing a different song, bring more harmonious and melodious music experience. 
Price of 399 yuan / 2GB Onda VX878 look contemporary, fine, thin, making the machine more suitable for consumers to carry. Machine biggest bright spot is integrated into the 2.4-inch 26 million color QVGA screen (320 * 240 pixels) in an exciting full touch screen smart operation, compared to the universal push-button and a joystick-type control seem more convenient, intuitive . New sound quality is good, and support APE / FLAC lossless music formats player two kinds, and realized the latest Microsoft PlayFX sound. Other features on the VX878 is also exceptional, it supports XVID encoded AVI files, frame rate up to 24 frames / S; supports MP3, WMA songs to play multiple formats, high-speed USB 2.0 interface, dual-threaded tasks, support LRC lyrics display, picture viewer , text reading, high-definition recording, eight kinds of EQ sound, FM and other basic functions also implanted up to 4GB Micro SD (TF) card expansion capabilities; Built-in stereo speakers also make this product seem full of humanity; gaming features leaving the product greatly enhanced playability. Built-in lithium battery, can play music 15 hours (black case)....
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Microsoft Arcmouse play another new wireless mouse folding fresh enough

Daily facing the same mouse and keyboard will not get bored? Today Xiaobian to introduce a highly personalized ArcMouse Microsoft wireless mouse, it uses innovative folding design, both bring a fresh experience, but also can save space, but also more convenient to carry, the current market price of its 290 yuan, interested friends can think about. 
Microsoft ArcMouse wireless folding mouse is Microsoft's latest development is the business office portable mouse, original folding technique is its biggest bright spot. This mouse has a red color on black two choices when you buy must be noted that the mouse is glossy red and black mouse is matte material. Front bottom of the mouse buttons is a little black mouse button switch, full of energy to save energy to play a hundred percent. 
Microsoft ArcMouse folding wireless mouse either red or black at the bottom of the mouse are both stylish silver embellishment, ideal for a family business office, and stylish purchase. Super mini wireless receiver when not in use can be embedded in the grooves inside the mouse, and portable design with magnetic absorption is not easily lost. 
Microsoft ArcMouse folding mouse uses 2.4G wireless technology, the maximum transmission distance of 10 meters, superior interference immunity. Using high-precision laser tracking engine, the mouse resolution of 1000dpi, positioning is very accurate. Mouse feel pretty good, just starting the habit may take some time to get started, it is easy to carry folding design. 
Editor Comments: This mouse can be said that the size of Microsoft's hand users can use different size users only need to change the keyboard and mouse can be, the current market price of this mouse is 290 yuan, although a little high, but it's design or very worthy choice. 
According to reports, the Nikkei research firm Nikkei Research today released the 2010 annual report of the Japanese corporate brand ranking. 
The report shows that last year, Google came in second consecutive success beyond occupy the top five software giant Microsoft. 
Nikkei research company 33,033 consumers and 14,182 business people conducted an online survey questionnaire is mainly for corporate brand recognition and consumer-to-business products and service experience to conduct an investigation. 
Google results with 782 points to win the first Japanese brand title, Microsoft, 1 point behind second place; This result is just the transposition and last year's ranking, Microsoft 2009 Google 25 points ahead in second. Google is currently in Japan to accelerate the development of monthly users visit the site over Microsoft; and Microsoft, with its longer history and Japanese companies in Japan and IT vendors equally strong relationships in a leading position. 
Sony with 768 points still came in third, with 740 points from Yahoo sixth to fourth, sixth slipped from eighth Panasonic, Canon rose from eighth to sixth.
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Microsoft announced Azure cloud computing platform in detail the charges

Microsoft today announced its cloud computing platform Azure pricing model, and that the product will be available in mid-November.
Microsoft said, Azure will be charged based on actual usage, in order to attract business customers, will be conducted using a discount promotion. Azure platform computing resource pricing is $ 0.12 per hour, storage resource is priced at $ 0.15 per month per GB, 10,000 times the storage fee per transaction is $ 0.10. SQL Azure will provide $ 9.99 basic subscription packages, database capacity up to 1GB, and $ 99.99 for the commercial version of the database capacity up to 10GB.
Microsoft also offers called "development accelerator (development accelerator) discount packages, this package divided into two categories, will provide 15% and 30% discount respectively. To enjoy the discount, you must ensure that at least six months, the amount of excess billing period in accordance with the normal standards, six months after all the resources it will return to normal standards.
Microsoft also announced that, Azure will officially be available in Microsoft's "Professional Developers Conference, held this year in mid-November on. Microsoft first released in October last year Azure, developers have been through the Microsoft Community Technology Preview (Community Technology Preview) test the platform.
Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform has previously triggered a strong reaction in the industry, the platform will include a network-based relational database in Microsoft SQL Azure, and simultaneously. NET service connection and are compatible with Microsoft.
Microsoft said, Azure computing and reliability of the connection will reach 99.95%, while the reliability of the storage resources of up to 99.99%.
Microsoft's chief software architect Leiao Zi (Ray Ozzie) has said that Microsoft has a double advantage in two areas of platforms and applications, but also has extensive experience in the consumer and enterprise markets, and Microsoft Azure will establish a presence in the cloud .
Microsoft's chief software architect Ray Ozzie said that providing online services is all the weeks of cloud computing services will reduce the profit margin of the company's existing software business.
Ozzie in the Silicon Valley technology conference yesterday, said: "The service is not now profit profit software, cloud computing will make our total revenue increases, but does not bring much profit.
Ozzie is Microsoft's cloud computing gradually into a dominant force, since Gates retired three years ago, he has been managing Microsoft's long-term technology strategy. Microsoft has so far only in the exploratory stage of cloud computing for home users to invest in a data center, will be launched later this year, the version of Windows Azure cloud computing platform, providing developers to develop software for the cloud computing platform.
Local business users typically run the program, but with the development of the Internet, more and more users to perform a variety of online software on the server, which is using cloud computing services, in theory, the use of cloud computing can help users save hardware and maintenance costs, since all data storage and operations are performed on the data center and server-side services.

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Microsoft announced a new generation of Windows Live Essentials

Microsoft officially announced a new version of Windows Live Essentials, a brief description of its improvement. Windows Live Essentials includes instant messaging Messenger, e-mail Mail, Photo Gallery Photo Gallery, Movie Maker Movie Maker, Writer, Sync and Family Safety, Family Safety, Microsoft will open the next few weeks to test.
In the upcoming release of the new version, Microsoft has made major improvements in two areas: to make each task easier; to Windows 7 and cloud computing together.
- Windows 7 has largely simplifies the user's task, in the new Windows Live, Microsoft is committed to providing users save even more time, Essentials can help users achieve a more easy and convenient exchange and communication, and easily production, publishing and sharing photos, audio and video information.
The new version of Windows Live Essentials integrates Windows Ribbon user interface 7 support graphics, animation GPU hardware acceleration, support for Windows 7 taskbar Jumplist function of ......
- Today, many cloud services have achieved the same through the browser, but also in combination with Windows Live Essentials Windows 7 together provide users with more cloud computing services. Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, e-mail and instant messaging services and realize the sharing of photos, audio and video (SkyDrive, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, SmugMug), social networks (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn), Email (Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo ! Mail), blog (Spaces, WordPress, Blogger) and documentation services (Office Web Apps) are closely connected.
Microsoft first introduced some improvements Windows Live Photo Gallery, and said that he would continue to introduce other components of Windows Live Essentials.
The new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery uses the Windows 7 Ribbon interface, you can quickly be sorted by date, label, size and so on. In addition, how many photos you want to search for photos of it? The best way of course is to search by people, the new photo gallery face recognition technology introduced in the lap of someone, you can quickly search that contains the person's photograph.
The new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery provides automatic adjustment, retouching, batch processing, after adjusting for a good photo can also be posted directly to the web, such as social networking sites, SkyDrive, mail and so on.

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