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Microsoft announced Azure cloud computing platform in detail the charges

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Microsoft today announced its cloud computing platform Azure pricing model, and that the product will be available in mid-November.
Microsoft said, Azure will be charged based on actual usage, in order to attract business customers, will be conducted using a discount promotion. Azure platform computing resource pricing is $ 0.12 per hour, storage resource is priced at $ 0.15 per month per GB, 10,000 times the storage fee per transaction is $ 0.10. SQL Azure will provide $ 9.99 basic subscription packages, database capacity up to 1GB, and $ 99.99 for the commercial version of the database capacity up to 10GB.
Microsoft also offers called "development accelerator (development accelerator) discount packages, this package divided into two categories, will provide 15% and 30% discount respectively. To enjoy the discount, you must ensure that at least six months, the amount of excess billing period in accordance with the normal standards, six months after all the resources it will return to normal standards.
Microsoft also announced that, Azure will officially be available in Microsoft's "Professional Developers Conference, held this year in mid-November on. Microsoft first released in October last year Azure, developers have been through the Microsoft Community Technology Preview (Community Technology Preview) test the platform.
Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform has previously triggered a strong reaction in the industry, the platform will include a network-based relational database in Microsoft SQL Azure, and simultaneously. NET service connection and are compatible with Microsoft.
Microsoft said, Azure computing and reliability of the connection will reach 99.95%, while the reliability of the storage resources of up to 99.99%.
Microsoft's chief software architect Leiao Zi (Ray Ozzie) has said that Microsoft has a double advantage in two areas of platforms and applications, but also has extensive experience in the consumer and enterprise markets, and Microsoft Azure will establish a presence in the cloud .
Microsoft's chief software architect Ray Ozzie said that providing online services is all the weeks of cloud computing services will reduce the profit margin of the company's existing software business.
Ozzie in the Silicon Valley technology conference yesterday, said: "The service is not now profit profit software, cloud computing will make our total revenue increases, but does not bring much profit.
Ozzie is Microsoft's cloud computing gradually into a dominant force, since Gates retired three years ago, he has been managing Microsoft's long-term technology strategy. Microsoft has so far only in the exploratory stage of cloud computing for home users to invest in a data center, will be launched later this year, the version of Windows Azure cloud computing platform, providing developers to develop software for the cloud computing platform.
Local business users typically run the program, but with the development of the Internet, more and more users to perform a variety of online software on the server, which is using cloud computing services, in theory, the use of cloud computing can help users save hardware and maintenance costs, since all data storage and operations are performed on the data center and server-side services.

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