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Microsoft Arcmouse play another new wireless mouse folding fresh enough

Daily facing the same mouse and keyboard will not get bored? Today Xiaobian to introduce a highly personalized ArcMouse Microsoft wireless mouse, it uses innovative folding design, both bring a fresh experience, but also can save space, but also more convenient to carry, the current market price of its 290 yuan, interested friends can think about. 
Microsoft ArcMouse wireless folding mouse is Microsoft's latest development is the business office portable mouse, original folding technique is its biggest bright spot. This mouse has a red color on black two choices when you buy must be noted that the mouse is glossy red and black mouse is matte material. Front bottom of the mouse buttons is a little black mouse button switch, full of energy to save energy to play a hundred percent. 
Microsoft ArcMouse folding wireless mouse either red or black at the bottom of the mouse are both stylish silver embellishment, ideal for a family business office, and stylish purchase. Super mini wireless receiver when not in use can be embedded in the grooves inside the mouse, and portable design with magnetic absorption is not easily lost. 
Microsoft ArcMouse folding mouse uses 2.4G wireless technology, the maximum transmission distance of 10 meters, superior interference immunity. Using high-precision laser tracking engine, the mouse resolution of 1000dpi, positioning is very accurate. Mouse feel pretty good, just starting the habit may take some time to get started, it is easy to carry folding design. 
Editor Comments: This mouse can be said that the size of Microsoft's hand users can use different size users only need to change the keyboard and mouse can be, the current market price of this mouse is 290 yuan, although a little high, but it's design or very worthy choice. 
According to reports, the Nikkei research firm Nikkei Research today released the 2010 annual report of the Japanese corporate brand ranking. 
The report shows that last year, Google came in second consecutive success beyond occupy the top five software giant Microsoft. 
Nikkei research company 33,033 consumers and 14,182 business people conducted an online survey questionnaire is mainly for corporate brand recognition and consumer-to-business products and service experience to conduct an investigation. 
Google results with 782 points to win the first Japanese brand title, Microsoft, 1 point behind second place; This result is just the transposition and last year's ranking, Microsoft 2009 Google 25 points ahead in second. Google is currently in Japan to accelerate the development of monthly users visit the site over Microsoft; and Microsoft, with its longer history and Japanese companies in Japan and IT vendors equally strong relationships in a leading position. 
Sony with 768 points still came in third, with 740 points from Yahoo sixth to fourth, sixth slipped from eighth Panasonic, Canon rose from eighth to sixth.
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Microsoft's vice president of worldwide: Vista in China "almost did not sell."

Vice president of Microsoft's Windows products division Mike Nash9 morning in Beijing, said Microsoft Vista listed more than two years in China, "almost did not sell. After the computer did not sell is the access to authorized users, a considerable number of users to buy pre-installed Vista, he was referring to downgrade to Windows XP to use. 
May 8 to 9, Microsoft in Beijing held a "Windows 7 RC early experience activities to hundreds of media from around the country to experience live Windows 7. Mike Nash, vice president of Microsoft's Windows products division, 9 am when talking about Microsoft's Vista operating system are selling say, Vista released more than two years in China, "almost did not sell. 
"said Vista did not sell, in fact, selling is sold out, but some of the earliest people who used to feel bad, most users leave this bad impression, in China, the influence of word of mouth is very large. Mike Nash added. Vsita was released, due to hardware compatibility and third-party software compatibility is not good enough to do, to many users a bad experience, although Vsita SP1 has solved these problems, so many bought a computer pre-installed genuine Vsita after the first time, or downgrade to Windows XP to use without authorization. 
"So when we release Windows 7 in advance and to share, to tell you this is a good use of the product, so that IT professionals can use early test version. Mike Nash said that Microsoft learned the lessons of Vista, Windows 7 began in the release word of mouth marketing, "We want to break the operating system to use when you wait until the feeling SP1, allowing users to publish early to know good use. 
In order to do Windows 7 "useful, Microsoft developed Windows 7 on the basis of Vista architecture to ensure a large degree of hardware and software compatibility, meanwhile, have long identified the development interface (API). To make people feel good first use, Mike Nash said, Microsoft has changed the traditional definition of a beta version of the software, and released a beta version before beta, beta version will be treated as an RC version, RC version will be treated as an official version. 
Microsoft Greater China, Wei Qing, general manager of consumer and online marketing has revealed that more than 100 IT Microsoft is looking for professionals to test Windows 7,94% think Win 7 is better than XP and Vista, the remaining 6% mostly because there is not yet install Windows 7. Microsoft Windows 7 is done in a variety of outreach, emphasized its "easy to use, good compatibility.

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Microsoft announced Azure cloud computing platform in detail the charges

Microsoft today announced its cloud computing platform Azure pricing model, and that the product will be available in mid-November.
Microsoft said, Azure will be charged based on actual usage, in order to attract business customers, will be conducted using a discount promotion. Azure platform computing resource pricing is $ 0.12 per hour, storage resource is priced at $ 0.15 per month per GB, 10,000 times the storage fee per transaction is $ 0.10. SQL Azure will provide $ 9.99 basic subscription packages, database capacity up to 1GB, and $ 99.99 for the commercial version of the database capacity up to 10GB.
Microsoft also offers called "development accelerator (development accelerator) discount packages, this package divided into two categories, will provide 15% and 30% discount respectively. To enjoy the discount, you must ensure that at least six months, the amount of excess billing period in accordance with the normal standards, six months after all the resources it will return to normal standards.
Microsoft also announced that, Azure will officially be available in Microsoft's "Professional Developers Conference, held this year in mid-November on. Microsoft first released in October last year Azure, developers have been through the Microsoft Community Technology Preview (Community Technology Preview) test the platform.
Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform has previously triggered a strong reaction in the industry, the platform will include a network-based relational database in Microsoft SQL Azure, and simultaneously. NET service connection and are compatible with Microsoft.
Microsoft said, Azure computing and reliability of the connection will reach 99.95%, while the reliability of the storage resources of up to 99.99%.
Microsoft's chief software architect Leiao Zi (Ray Ozzie) has said that Microsoft has a double advantage in two areas of platforms and applications, but also has extensive experience in the consumer and enterprise markets, and Microsoft Azure will establish a presence in the cloud .
Microsoft's chief software architect Ray Ozzie said that providing online services is all the weeks of cloud computing services will reduce the profit margin of the company's existing software business.
Ozzie in the Silicon Valley technology conference yesterday, said: "The service is not now profit profit software, cloud computing will make our total revenue increases, but does not bring much profit.
Ozzie is Microsoft's cloud computing gradually into a dominant force, since Gates retired three years ago, he has been managing Microsoft's long-term technology strategy. Microsoft has so far only in the exploratory stage of cloud computing for home users to invest in a data center, will be launched later this year, the version of Windows Azure cloud computing platform, providing developers to develop software for the cloud computing platform.
Local business users typically run the program, but with the development of the Internet, more and more users to perform a variety of online software on the server, which is using cloud computing services, in theory, the use of cloud computing can help users save hardware and maintenance costs, since all data storage and operations are performed on the data center and server-side services.

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Attractive specifications: comparing Lumia 630 and Nokia X2

After just four months, launched its first Android phone, the Nokia X family added a new member today, Nokia X2 launch. Like the original Nokia X, X2 is responsible for the company's efforts into the most price-sensitive market, designed to allow a new generation of buyers, this should be their first smartphone.
Priced at only € 99 欧元, X2 is € 20 欧元 cheaper than Nokia's Windows Phone 8.1 new entry-level phones, Lumia 630, which in a few weeks around the world. Despite the lower cost of X2, but there are some areas, it beats Windows Phone brothers and sisters, at least on paper.
Initially, Nokia has included an LED flash on the X2, but 630 is not one. 630 no front camera, but there are problems X2 gets a VGA cam.
X2 also got an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor, and 630 are not. If you want to dual SIM card support for Lumia, you have to pay 129 euros (€ with € 119 630 compared to the price of a single card), while X2 supports two SIM card standard.
All of this makes the lower end of the range of Microsoft's somewhat confusing, frankly. Perhaps not surprisingly, Francisco Jeronimo, research director of mobile industry analyst at IDC, said earlier today in Europe, operators are racking their brains to do what device Nokia X family.
I still do not understand this Nokia X portfolio strategy, especially in us. No single operator, we already know how to position X
Francisco (June 24, 2014 fjeronimo Geronimo ")
Smartphone buyers in the budget faces an interesting choice of how to spend their hard-earned money, of course, choose the two devices is not here to see you much wider, and many smart phones compete precautions consumers.
But if the Nokia Lumia 630 and x2 fall in your price range and you are considering buying one of these, we unite together to help give you some ideas on how to compare.

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"National roaming" proposal to the British mobile phone users access to all network

Phone users in large cities and towns will be spoiled for choice when mobile network coverage, such as the carrier blanket populated areas and their cell towers. But the risk of local people are far outnumbered cattle and sheep, which is quite a different story.
Will cover the challenges in rural areas is a carrier has been in existence for many years, but with the growing use of smartphones and mobile computing, there are more and more to ensure that those living in these parts of the world without leaving the needs. With this in mind, a new "national roaming" plan, the government has made in the UK.
As BBC News reports, the Minister of Culture Sajid Javid said that in the UK operators should allow customers to turn to other networks where they can not by their carrier to get a signal.
In some parts of the UK, in other countries, only one or two networks have installed cell towers and masts, leaving those other operators unlucky. Under national roaming solution, users can access any available network, they will be the same way in the international roaming.
There is no doubt that network operators are not keen on this idea, that this will give them a little incentive to improve their investment to expand network coverage. Insiders tell a moving BBC said that in the existing legislation, the government may still be able to force the operators to implement the program.
Three spokesman said the company supports the principle of expanding the coverage of the local bad service ", and added:" the government "is the best way to do it.
Sidekick mobile phone users in the United States has experienced the pain of waiting for nearly two weeks after the loss of personal data finally have hope of resolving the problem. In the T-Mobile server failure leads to publicly acknowledge the loss of user data after a week, Roz Ho, vice president of Microsoft's mobile business, said in a statement on the T-Mobile customer service website, they have to repair the fault, will soon begin to push users to successfully recover personal information.
Problems occur at the beginning of last week, T-Mobile has said that the possibility of data recovery is unlikely. Microsoft also acknowledged that because of server failure affects both the core server also affects the backup database, so the difficulty of data recovery is considerable. However, through the hard work of the week, Microsoft has now finally found a way to restore user data.
Roz Ho said in a statement that they have been repaired by-module server failure, while restoring the "vast majority (if not all) of user data, after everything is ready it will recover as soon as possible to push data to the user. Among them, the user's address book information will be restored priority, followed by the calendar, notepad, calendar, photos, game scores, etc.
But he also acknowledged that a small number of users may still be faced with the problem of data loss, these users need to wait for further notice. T-Mobile has said it will eventually fail to recover data provide $ 100 plus free services to compensate for purchase time.
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Microsoft Windows and online business reorganization

Microsoft today announced the spin-off of its core departments' platforms and services division "(PSD), the restructuring of the two Windows and online services business. The division president Kevin Johnson will leave, Johnson is Microsoft's takeover offer for Yahoo most directly responsible.
According to the restructuring plan, PSD will be split into Windows / Windows Live, as well as two online services division, reporting directly to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. And Johnson will be switched to the network equipment maker Juniper born as CEO positions.
After the spin-off is completed, will include Microsoft's four business sectors, in addition to the completion of the reorganization of Windows and online services, also includes the original commercial sector (including Microsoft Office software suite and business solutions, etc.) and entertainment devices division (home Entertainment Division and the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division).
Microsoft also appointed head of the new department, which, Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president, Jon DeVaan and Bill Veghte will be in charge of Windows / Windows Live division. According to Microsoft's recently released third quarter earnings, the sector globally sold over 180 million copies of Vista copies, Windows Live Suite installation number more than 100 million times. The department is developing its next generation of products also includes the IE browser, Windows operating system and Windows Live products.
On-line services, Microsoft will add a high-level leadership positions, and both inside and outside the company to find the best candidate. Meanwhile, Satya Nadella, senior vice president will continue to lead Microsoft's search, MSN and ad platform development. Microsoft recently announced restructuring will search business, user experience and business model innovation launched.
In addition, Brian McAndrews, senior vice president, Microsoft will continue to lead another important sector, "advertisers and publishers Solutions Group" (APS). The department is currently developing a strong momentum in the past year more than 100 publishers have signed contracts. McAndrews will continue to focus on the development of Microsoft's display advertising business, and promote the integration of the Group's execution and advertising assets, including the recently acquired Massive, Navic Networks, ScreenTonic and YaData other companies.
SVCHOST process consumes excessive CPU problem has existed for many years, back in 2007, Microsoft had released a patch to fix this problem, but was for Windows XP SP2, but the same problem also appears in the SP3. User feedback has said, after a new installation (clean install) Windows XP SP3, SVCHOST process will be pulled into the CPU occupancy rate of 100%.
In November and early December, Microsoft released two updates to XP, tried to delete a large number of obsolete IE6 and IE7 SVCHOST update to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, they are not effective. This week, Microsoft released Windows XP and other systems in January 2014 patch, completely fix the problem SVCHOST process.
Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing program director Dustin Childs said Microsoft Patch Tuesday daytime, the IE security update replaces the old to the new version, thus improving the user experience and reduce Windows Update check before installing the patch installed updates. This initiative is purely in order to improve system performance, does not affect the safety of users.
To do so is one of the most significant results to solve the problem when you run Windows Update SVCHOST CPU-intensive process. Although this time from the Windows XP technical support in less than three months time, but not too late too, Microsoft's attitude worthy of commendation for the night.

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