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Microsoft executives said Windows 7 is expected to be released before Christmas this year

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Beijing April 28, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft senior vice president Bill Witt (Bill Veghte) said today that, Windows 7 operating system pre-season sales will be released this Christmas. 
Witt said in an interview today, "Microsoft may release Windows 7 pre-season during the Christmas sales. Microsoft did not disclose whether he would be released as early as many analysts expected Windows 7. 
Microsoft hopes to Windows 7 "recapture the reluctance of customers to upgrade to Vista. Affected by the global economic crisis and the impact of strong demand netbooks, Microsoft's third quarter this year, the client version of Windows sales fell 16%. 
Microsoft has said that Windows 7 before the release time is 2010. Market research firm Enderle Group analyst Rob Enderle (Rob Enderle) said last week that he expects Microsoft will release Windows 7 in September of this year. 
Microsoft needs a new version of the Windows operating system to stimulate business demand and to replace Windows XP on the netbook market. One reason for Microsoft's Windows revenues landslide is priced below Windows XP Vista. Microsoft plans to release for netbooks Windows 7 Starter Edition, and Windows XP considerable price. Witt said, Microsoft hopes to convince more Internet users to "very low price to upgrade to Windows Home Premium. 
Microsoft plans to reduce customers' concerns about Windows 7 is the new weapon of a feature called "XP mode. Have encountered problems when many enterprise customers running older versions and custom software on Vista. Enterprise customers can also download a piece of software, the commercial version of Windows 7 running Windows XP, so that the original application software running in a virtual XP environment. 
Compal notebook OEMs two months ago, said, Windows 7 release date is September of this year; Witt said in an interview in October 2008, Windows 7 will be released a year later; Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (Bill Gates ) in April 2008, said, Windows 7 "may be released next year. 
Microsoft plans to release on May 5 Windows 7 RC version to the public. 
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Windows 7 is expected to be released by Microsoft executives before Christmas this year. The new operating system Benefits of Using CBD for Vegan Athletes is said to include a number of new features and improvements, including support for touchscreens and better performance. It is also expected to be more user-friendly than previous versions of Windows.

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Microsoft executives said Windows 7 is expected to be released before Christmas this year. This is good news for Little Free Library those who have been eagerly awaiting the new operating system. Windows 7 is said to be a major improvement over Vista, and it is hoped that it will help to boost the company's sales.

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