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Microsoft Zune department discovered "iPod Recycle Bin" has recently appeared on a very interesting picture: the Microsoft Zune department, was surprised there was a "iPod Recycle Bin (iPod Amnesty Bin), so that they do not want to abandon Microsoft employees and then the iPod. 
Trash is a transparent glass box, inside there is indeed a lot of iPod, but they are older models. Glass box hanging on the photos, top draw a bitten green apple 两口 also marked with the words "bite me for. 
This photo released man claiming to be "fimoculous, and in the mail that his own identity: employees of Rex Sorgatz. is a comprehensive 24-hour news channels and online news service provider by Microsoft and NBC (National Broadcasting Company) co-founded in July 15, 1996, the current 82% stake NBC, Microsoft's stake of 18% . 
fimoculous currently is an iPod user, but with a better product, he will not hesitate to replace. As for this picture, he said: "I guess someone Zune think this could be very interesting, but true. 
The photos on gained no small concern, but most respondents have to laugh it off, think just a funny joke, a bit like black cake when Firefox 2.0 official release of Microsoft's IE developers sent. 
Apple has naturally not be reached for comment, a public relations officer, said Microsoft was not able to contact the personnel department of the Zune, but said it does not mean anything, at most, in order to improve Microsoft employees' loyalty. 
Steve Jobs once told Microsoft introduced Zune regarding the evaluation: "Zune to catch up with the iPod is never catch up. When you (a boy) into the mature experienced a bumpy start when your favorite girl has grown up, has been run. 
Not just Microsoft, Apple blocking other killers in history also failed the majority. This situation not only because Apple is a good company, more factors in technology markets, people will catch up with a scarred, expensive, but they often ineffective game, even if the pursuer is a once-great success of the company. 
But it is difficult to say later doomed to fail. Microsoft has been successful as a latecomer to win the operating system, the browser market. To achieve this success, a latecomer to do a lot of things, but not too many things wrong. Microsoft's former chief software architect Ozzie farewell memo to say Microsoft has a very direct question now: "Although we have leadership and a clear vision, but (competitors) perform better than us. 
The crux is not the actual identity of the pursuer, that pursuers have more ability to innovate. Innovation capacity should act on the market, the role of the demand with the user. Competition is ultimately the user's grasp and enhance rather than capital investment, and "the degree of attention. A new good market, everyone wants a piece, but new markets are often innovators to create, if not to fully grasp the new demand, the enthusiasm can not solve the problem. Innovators win business only this.

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Microsoft executives said Windows 7 is expected to be released before Christmas this year

Beijing April 28, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft senior vice president Bill Witt (Bill Veghte) said today that, Windows 7 operating system pre-season sales will be released this Christmas. 
Witt said in an interview today, "Microsoft may release Windows 7 pre-season during the Christmas sales. Microsoft did not disclose whether he would be released as early as many analysts expected Windows 7. 
Microsoft hopes to Windows 7 "recapture the reluctance of customers to upgrade to Vista. Affected by the global economic crisis and the impact of strong demand netbooks, Microsoft's third quarter this year, the client version of Windows sales fell 16%. 
Microsoft has said that Windows 7 before the release time is 2010. Market research firm Enderle Group analyst Rob Enderle (Rob Enderle) said last week that he expects Microsoft will release Windows 7 in September of this year. 
Microsoft needs a new version of the Windows operating system to stimulate business demand and to replace Windows XP on the netbook market. One reason for Microsoft's Windows revenues landslide is priced below Windows XP Vista. Microsoft plans to release for netbooks Windows 7 Starter Edition, and Windows XP considerable price. Witt said, Microsoft hopes to convince more Internet users to "very low price to upgrade to Windows Home Premium. 
Microsoft plans to reduce customers' concerns about Windows 7 is the new weapon of a feature called "XP mode. Have encountered problems when many enterprise customers running older versions and custom software on Vista. Enterprise customers can also download a piece of software, the commercial version of Windows 7 running Windows XP, so that the original application software running in a virtual XP environment. 
Compal notebook OEMs two months ago, said, Windows 7 release date is September of this year; Witt said in an interview in October 2008, Windows 7 will be released a year later; Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (Bill Gates ) in April 2008, said, Windows 7 "may be released next year. 
Microsoft plans to release on May 5 Windows 7 RC version to the public. 
As CEO and Kingsoft office software Kingsoft Ge Ke, senior vice president said, "domestic office software to break the monopoly of foreign technology, foreign-related software to curb high prices, the government and consumers to reduce the additional expenditure; free domestic software download, tens of millions of individual users into legitimate order may; development of domestic and office software out overseas, but also improve China's international competitiveness. Whether it is from the secret safe, or from an economic point of view, the significance of domestic software development is very significant, which is why we insist on doing WPS purposes.

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Microsoft first released the Chinese version of Mac Office Excel Beijing team contribution

Microsoft today for mainland Chinese users with a simplified Chinese version of Office for Mac 2011 trial version download, this is the first release of Microsoft's global Chinese Apple Mac OS X systems with Office, and Microsoft Excel which Beijing team contributions. 
It is reported that the Chinese version of Office for Mac 2011 by Microsoft in Seattle, Silicon Valley, China Beijing three teamwork to complete, including Microsoft's Beijing team throughout the development of the Excel component. 
Chinese version of Office for Mac 2011 native support for Simplified Chinese language, either Word, Excel or PowerPoint, Outlook for Mac system has been fully optimized, while providing a variety of Chinese fonts and compatible with all the details perfect, and can be achieve good collaborative editing PC, Mac users. 
The release of the trial version to use for a period of one month, the official version will be released to market in June this year, has not announced specific prices. 
Office for Mac 2011 Trial Download Process Simplified Chinese: 
1, visit the official website 
2, click the button to download a trial version. 
3 Fill in the country (Chinese - Simplified Chinese products), e-mail, name and other information (Usage). 
4, landing filled mailboxes, access trial order number and password. 
5, returning the Microsoft Web site and look for their orders. 
6, enter the order number, password, and click the Find button orders. 
7, the download button will appear after confirmation. 
8, be selected when installing free 30-day trial, and then enter the email address you provided when registering.
About Windows 8 will be a public beta this fall I believe everyone is familiar with the rumors, and more news in the BUILD Conference in September will be released on Microsoft Windows 8 Beta. But these are all just rumors Bale, Microsoft has never had to give a positive response to this. 
Yesterday, Microsoft finally on the Windows 8 beta release date for the first time a public statement. Windows boss Steven Sinofsky department opened a Windows 8 official blog, and wrote a blog post open. In this article, Sinofsky said, "The future Windows 8 Beta will meet you in a few months. This statement also verified before rumors. 
Microsoft has so far silent on Windows 8, so a lot of fans unhappy, Sinofsky have also had to respond. He pointed out that Microsoft is doing is drawing on the lessons of the past, "We know that a lot of people because we published the contents of Windows 8 too little and very angry, so do we learn from past lessons in practice for many years, ever we will publish undetermined sometimes prematurely were talking in a function, which leads to a lot of criticism. 
Windows 8 is a major release, before we have seen the tablet version of its user interface, but Microsoft has always been good for the desktop version, we still know very little about. BUILD Conference has been very close, Microsoft will reveal many important features Windows 8 at this meeting, so fans of Windows 8, and then wait a long time now.

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Attractive specifications: comparing Lumia 630 and Nokia X2

After just four months, launched its first Android phone, the Nokia X family added a new member today, Nokia X2 launch. Like the original Nokia X, X2 is responsible for the company's efforts into the most price-sensitive market, designed to allow a new generation of buyers, this should be their first smartphone.
Priced at only € 99 欧元, X2 is € 20 欧元 cheaper than Nokia's Windows Phone 8.1 new entry-level phones, Lumia 630, which in a few weeks around the world. Despite the lower cost of X2, but there are some areas, it beats Windows Phone brothers and sisters, at least on paper.
Initially, Nokia has included an LED flash on the X2, but 630 is not one. 630 no front camera, but there are problems X2 gets a VGA cam.
X2 also got an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor, and 630 are not. If you want to dual SIM card support for Lumia, you have to pay 129 euros (€ with € 119 630 compared to the price of a single card), while X2 supports two SIM card standard.
All of this makes the lower end of the range of Microsoft's somewhat confusing, frankly. Perhaps not surprisingly, Francisco Jeronimo, research director of mobile industry analyst at IDC, said earlier today in Europe, operators are racking their brains to do what device Nokia X family.
I still do not understand this Nokia X portfolio strategy, especially in us. No single operator, we already know how to position X
Francisco (June 24, 2014 fjeronimo Geronimo ")
Smartphone buyers in the budget faces an interesting choice of how to spend their hard-earned money, of course, choose the two devices is not here to see you much wider, and many smart phones compete precautions consumers.
But if the Nokia Lumia 630 and x2 fall in your price range and you are considering buying one of these, we unite together to help give you some ideas on how to compare.

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Microsoft Outlook Express to access Hotmail service changes

A few days ago, I began to find my Outlook Express can not receive Live Hotmail e-mail, I thought previously reported "Microsoft Outlook Express will not be able to access Hotmail ahead of schedule, and later through the Web after login Hotmail, Microsoft sent the e-mail found that did not completely stop Outlook Exxpress access support for Live Hotmail, Microsoft is still studying replacement solutions, so that after June 30 can still access Hotmail via Outlook Express.
Accompanying IE installed installed Outlook Express has a great amount, and compared to Windows Live Mail, I really like the fast and simple OE, OE address book management is also very good, I feel useful than Live Mail address book (of course Live Mail address book is stored in the network, different principles). In addition to my Live Mail's performance was a little skeptical, Outlook Express messages are all compressed into a file, and when Live Mail is a separate file for each message, when the message is very much time, will produce vast amounts of documents, which do not cause performance problem?
Of course, Live Mail anti-spam features is Outlook Express that are not integrated and combined with Live Mail and Live family of products is also very close, however, can not be denied is that many people still prefer Outlook Express is simple, if Microsoft is going to stop development Outlook Express work, or put the work into "maintenance engineering mode, then with the needs of customers, Microsoft's future may also change the original decision.
Report: Microsoft sent a message: "Outlook Express Service Change
Dear Microsoft Outlook Express users:
You may have received an email from us informing you that Microsoft plans to disable the DAV protocol for accessing Outlook Express for Windows Live Hotmail. Because users need more time to reflect on the evaluation of alternative solutions, so we decided to postpone the disabling DAV. Meanwhile, we are looking to access Windows Live Hotmail via Outlook Express alternative solutions. This means that if you use Outlook Express to access Windows Live Hotmail account, you can continue to use after the previously announced June 30 deadline. We will notify you when you launch other share plans, and you allow sufficient time to ensure a smooth transition of your future.
Also, feel free to use Windows Vista or Windows XP Outlook Express users to download and use our new generation of free e-mail client Windows Live Mail, which provides more functionality in Outlook Express basis.

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Microsoft Windows and online business reorganization

Microsoft today announced the spin-off of its core departments' platforms and services division "(PSD), the restructuring of the two Windows and online services business. The division president Kevin Johnson will leave, Johnson is Microsoft's takeover offer for Yahoo most directly responsible.
According to the restructuring plan, PSD will be split into Windows / Windows Live, as well as two online services division, reporting directly to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. And Johnson will be switched to the network equipment maker Juniper born as CEO positions.
After the spin-off is completed, will include Microsoft's four business sectors, in addition to the completion of the reorganization of Windows and online services, also includes the original commercial sector (including Microsoft Office software suite and business solutions, etc.) and entertainment devices division (home Entertainment Division and the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division).
Microsoft also appointed head of the new department, which, Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president, Jon DeVaan and Bill Veghte will be in charge of Windows / Windows Live division. According to Microsoft's recently released third quarter earnings, the sector globally sold over 180 million copies of Vista copies, Windows Live Suite installation number more than 100 million times. The department is developing its next generation of products also includes the IE browser, Windows operating system and Windows Live products.
On-line services, Microsoft will add a high-level leadership positions, and both inside and outside the company to find the best candidate. Meanwhile, Satya Nadella, senior vice president will continue to lead Microsoft's search, MSN and ad platform development. Microsoft recently announced restructuring will search business, user experience and business model innovation launched.
In addition, Brian McAndrews, senior vice president, Microsoft will continue to lead another important sector, "advertisers and publishers Solutions Group" (APS). The department is currently developing a strong momentum in the past year more than 100 publishers have signed contracts. McAndrews will continue to focus on the development of Microsoft's display advertising business, and promote the integration of the Group's execution and advertising assets, including the recently acquired Massive, Navic Networks, ScreenTonic and YaData other companies.
SVCHOST process consumes excessive CPU problem has existed for many years, back in 2007, Microsoft had released a patch to fix this problem, but was for Windows XP SP2, but the same problem also appears in the SP3. User feedback has said, after a new installation (clean install) Windows XP SP3, SVCHOST process will be pulled into the CPU occupancy rate of 100%.
In November and early December, Microsoft released two updates to XP, tried to delete a large number of obsolete IE6 and IE7 SVCHOST update to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, they are not effective. This week, Microsoft released Windows XP and other systems in January 2014 patch, completely fix the problem SVCHOST process.
Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing program director Dustin Childs said Microsoft Patch Tuesday daytime, the IE security update replaces the old to the new version, thus improving the user experience and reduce Windows Update check before installing the patch installed updates. This initiative is purely in order to improve system performance, does not affect the safety of users.
To do so is one of the most significant results to solve the problem when you run Windows Update SVCHOST CPU-intensive process. Although this time from the Windows XP technical support in less than three months time, but not too late too, Microsoft's attitude worthy of commendation for the night.

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