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Microsoft Zune department discovered "iPod Recycle Bin"

soft posted @ Sun, 29 Jun 2014 20:14:30 -1100 in Uncategorized with tags Office Professional 2010 Visio 2010 Office Home and Student 2013 , 535 readers has recently appeared on a very interesting picture: the Microsoft Zune department, was surprised there was a "iPod Recycle Bin (iPod Amnesty Bin), so that they do not want to abandon Microsoft employees and then the iPod. 
Trash is a transparent glass box, inside there is indeed a lot of iPod, but they are older models. Glass box hanging on the photos, top draw a bitten green apple 两口 also marked with the words "bite me for. 
This photo released man claiming to be "fimoculous, and in the mail that his own identity: employees of Rex Sorgatz. is a comprehensive 24-hour news channels and online news service provider by Microsoft and NBC (National Broadcasting Company) co-founded in July 15, 1996, the current 82% stake NBC, Microsoft's stake of 18% . 
fimoculous currently is an iPod user, but with a better product, he will not hesitate to replace. As for this picture, he said: "I guess someone Zune think this could be very interesting, but true. 
The photos on gained no small concern, but most respondents have to laugh it off, think just a funny joke, a bit like black cake when Firefox 2.0 official release of Microsoft's IE developers sent. 
Apple has naturally not be reached for comment, a public relations officer, said Microsoft was not able to contact the personnel department of the Zune, but said it does not mean anything, at most, in order to improve Microsoft employees' loyalty. 
Steve Jobs once told Microsoft introduced Zune regarding the evaluation: "Zune to catch up with the iPod is never catch up. When you (a boy) into the mature experienced a bumpy start when your favorite girl has grown up, has been run. 
Not just Microsoft, Apple blocking other killers in history also failed the majority. This situation not only because Apple is a good company, more factors in technology markets, people will catch up with a scarred, expensive, but they often ineffective game, even if the pursuer is a once-great success of the company. 
But it is difficult to say later doomed to fail. Microsoft has been successful as a latecomer to win the operating system, the browser market. To achieve this success, a latecomer to do a lot of things, but not too many things wrong. Microsoft's former chief software architect Ozzie farewell memo to say Microsoft has a very direct question now: "Although we have leadership and a clear vision, but (competitors) perform better than us. 
The crux is not the actual identity of the pursuer, that pursuers have more ability to innovate. Innovation capacity should act on the market, the role of the demand with the user. Competition is ultimately the user's grasp and enhance rather than capital investment, and "the degree of attention. A new good market, everyone wants a piece, but new markets are often innovators to create, if not to fully grasp the new demand, the enthusiasm can not solve the problem. Innovators win business only this.

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