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Microsoft: Linux will be losing ground in the field of mobile operating systems

Robbie Bach, head of Microsoft's mobile believes that mobile phone operating system will be the pattern of change, and Linux will be defeated in the tide of change. Linus phone can not pass the "quality of the test and no greater market appeal.
Bach said, Linux phone systems are currently too many, at least 17 species. Bach Chamber of mobile operators are expected to resist some of the Linux phone system because too many versions have some technical support questions, but he did not specify what the system might denied.
Bach pointed out that Microsoft will next month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​introduced the next generation of Windows Mobile system, which is the wish of all Windows Mobile 7, "I think there is no external challenge to us (Windows Mobile) a threat, in addition to attractive to business users is not enough there is not much beyond fashion.
Microsoft believes in the mobile space and now there are too many operating systems, especially 17 different Linux systems, they are functionally not much different, but each requires a different version of network authentication and support. Some Linux phone system will be eliminated, the reason is not that there is no market, but because of their quality. Bach added: "I am convinced that we are one of the winners, of course, there will be another winner.
Today's IT sector will be seen as a battle is really no exaggeration, where every company struggles with other companies engaged in every moment, and also trying to make myself not sunk in the torrent of the economic crisis, Microsoft naturally no exception, but CEO Steve Ballmer has always listed by name opponent.
Microsoft's investor conference, Ballmer said that in the operating system, the next period of time is not Apple's biggest rival but Linux. In explaining the following piece of slide, Ballmer said: "(slides) can be seen from here, Linux and Apple's market share there has been a slight increase.
Ballmer said that due to piracy, Windows has become Microsoft's biggest problem, "It (Piracy) is a very powerful opponent, but we will not flinch. Indeed, pirated Windows operating system on the market occupies second place, more than the combined OS X and Linux.
Although Apple in the past year there has been a steady market share growth, according to market share calculation, Apple almost over 300 million users, Ballmer said that Apple is indeed Microsoft's rivals, but not enough to allow the company to fear, can not see the problem just staring at these numbers, in today's market, consumers are more inclined to the most expensive products, which can provide only Linux, of course, piracy.

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