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Microsoft Vista memory overflow problem solving

"Out of Memory" prompts restrictions often make us recall the memory of 640KB DOS era, but it is not entirely proprietary DOS, Windows Vista systems users to play some new games will encounter this prompt. Investigated hardware reason is because the application range of 2G addressing limitations on the Windows platform, the other Vista system memory for graphics processing methods are also virtual omissions.
Microsoft recently released an issue for this hotfix patch, although still in the testing phase, but according to media test indeed been solved "Out of Memory" errors. Because this patch is still in testing phase, and therefore it does not appear in Windows Update, and whether it will be included in the Vita SP1 also currently unknown.
Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) is one of the Windows Vista system brings new features, WDDM can achieve some special effects via the desktop graphics support, such as glass effect. Another big advantage WDDM on Vista system brings virtual memory management support, because WDDM intervention, other applications may not need to worry about the adequacy of graphics memory, the ability to save enough for needed programs and games, or other textures some information.
However, and the program under Windows as virtual memory management program subject to the same constraints 2GB addressing, and memory when the application of conflict management procedures, it is possible to run 2GB addressing space. Microsoft released a patch tries to mitigate the impact of this problem, particularly when an application needs memory, through the establishment of a virtual memory space to resolve the conflict mentioned above. Microsoft put this process is called "lockable", then patched, only lockable procedures in order to establish a virtual memory space.
AnandTech test site showed this patch does significantly reduce the impact of memory on the game via a 768MB GeForce 8800 GTX measured prove that the memory footprint of each game in about 400MB. However, even after the patched game average memory usage under Vista than XP system with hardware systems in case more 180MB. You can make most of the game through patches in the following 2GB safety line, but there are still games such as "Supreme Commander" reached 1580MB memory footprint, we do not know whether the next generation of games will exceed this limit again, causing the problem reoccurs , Well, unless that time people are using the 64-bit operating systems.

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