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Nokia: Microsoft do WP8 phones prove viable

Although the continent has been robbed HTC windows Phone 8 starting the initiative, Nokia's first WP8 models slightest confidence in the market were not shaken. December 5, Nokia WP8 phones Mobile customized version-Lumia920T officially released in Guangzhou, its global CEO Elop also appeared, as many as one of the guests 920T "site.
Guth Hua, president of Nokia Greater China, said in the conversation Phoenix on Lumia's confidence in the future, in the face camouflage WP rival camp, and even rumors that Microsoft will also launch its own situation WP phones, Guth, China believes that it will instead Description vitality WP industry, he is convinced that Nokia was the right choice. 
Published 920T models on the same stage with WP8 PK 
The launch of the Lumia920T of China Mobile's customized models, with 4.5 inches display, dual-core processor 1.5GH, is the first to support TD-SCDMA network WP8 smart machine. The official price of 4,599 yuan, yellow, red, white, black four colors to choose from, is expected to be available this December. 
In China it seems Guth, PureMotion HD + HD screen, Pureview, wireless charging, and so is the Lumia 920 urban kaleidoscope unique bright spot, in addition to Windows Phone 8 will be one of the reasons Lumia 920 to attract customers. 
Lumia920 earlier start on sale in Germany, Italy, Australia and other places, the sales was more than expected. Retailers DNA from Nokia Finland hometown even said: Lumia 920 market demand for more than 10 years, any one of Nokia's mobile phones. 
It is reported that, Lumia920T will be fully produced in China, Nokia said, so the Chinese market faster product turnover, supply can be guaranteed. At present, China has become the largest market of Nokia Lumia. 
Microsoft WP8 system in the ascendant, as an ally Nokia is not the thriving, even repeated failure "starting right. 
First was the first to release the world's first Samsung WP8 phones, Monday, HTC Unicom customized version of WP8 8X and 8S also intelligent machines "cards with point release, coupled with Apple's iPhone 5 will next week visit the mainland, attack rival, Nokia whether the future may be, is still unknown. 
Continued betting windows Phone 
Market research firm Strategy Analytics data shows that Apple and Android phones now account for nearly the entire European smartphone market share of 90%. The displayed data from IDC, Nokia fell in the third quarter of 2012, the world's top five smartphone vendors shipped. 
This aspect because Nokia is in a transition from Symbian smart machines to intelligent machines WP course, competitors get ample opportunity to compete for market share; hand, Lumia previous models use more WP7.5 system, you can not upgrade directly to WP8, consumers' attitudes hold out significantly, leading to declining sales. 
As a result, analysts believe that high-speed LTE module and Windows Phone 8 will be the main selling point Lumia920 Nokia is expected to re-use other platforms to attract old customers. Strategy Analytics analyst Neil? Mao Princeton (Neil Mawston) that "European consumer demand for 4G mobile phone is obviously very strong. Lumia 920 and 820 phones can be compatible with multiple 20 LTE mobile network in Western Europe. iPhone is compatible only Deutsche Telekom and British EE's LTE network. He expects the fourth quarter of this year Nokia will sell 5 million Lumia handsets, up from 2.9 million the previous quarter. 
However, the market is always a turbulent, unpredictable. There are rumors that Microsoft is planning to launch its own WP intelligent machines, like the launch of its own tablet computers, more news further confirmed that Microsoft's OEM Foxconn the phone, if that is true, Nokia's days may be even worse. 
Guth Hua Microsoft will launch its own brand mobile phone rumors did not comment, but he said more manufacturers join WP8 camp, meaning the prospect of WP8 is very optimistic about the industry chain, which also choose from the side that had the Nokia WP system correct. 
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