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Windows8 and other products are unique products

A year ago I came to China, for me, in just one year in the Chinese market as well as our own products now have a very dramatic changes, for Microsoft, is unprecedented and exciting things. We released a series of new devices and services products, the majority of consumers and enterprise users alike, that this is the product they need, such as Windows8 and other products are unique products, they are unique to the Tablet PC , PC together the world's best features, including touch, keyboard, a set of work, play one of the perfect product. We look forward to bring Windows8.1 the next few months, that is to say, we are as we provide a free upgrade to Windows8.1, you can upgrade for free through the Windows Store, a new version of Windows8 promote the next generation of personal computers and tablet devices, and provide users with a richer experience for work and play.
People choose Windows PCs and tablet PCs, they will think of another excellent product that Windows8, when they share the same information, to help us begin to re-build when the smartphone operating system, but to every consumer to create their own personalized The phone, which is what we want to reflect experience, Chinese users in the past year has already seen, Windows Azure is growing very much, an increase of 800% as much as China's growth is really stand out, while the design of new Windows devices mind, constantly customer service, make use of the advantages of the new service contract products complement each other, the devices people use every day to connect unity, now people can use laptops, tablet, mobile phone, and enjoy the exchange of information and Microsoft Office software services, we office365 for example talk about, we are beautiful and clean interface, our surface, and electronic stylus to have the tacit understanding, embedded IE while searching perfect touch perfect experience, I think it is the most perfect world Other browsers best touch devices.
For consumers, this is a perfect era for business users is also exciting times, I think this is Microsoft's new cloud services by helping them solve some problems, can help companies in the technology business strategy, but also to real-time to do, they must decide which solutions can allow employees more productive and achieve co-workers, they must also come to realize business insight through the world of data, at the right time to provide the right products and services to the right customers. While all employees as well as customers in the selection of the tool they are increasingly able to make their voices heard, when employees start using a variety of personal and business equipment when, IT departments need to keep management information and ensure security. So it is these reasons mentioned above, Microsoft has become the preferred choice of IT to help them solve these challenges enterprises, we have a world-class applications, our database solutions, business intelligence solutions, and so on. People are used to manage employee trust Microsoft corporate identity and the protection of enterprise technology, all of you know that cloud computing is our generation's most important technological breakthroughs, and once again define the calculation of all work-related course of our growth experienced fundamentally This is a completely re-defined. In the past decade the greatest invention, from a technical point of view, smart phones, personal telephone, Internet and corporate databases, we are re-structure all these content. Advantages of cloud computing is driving change, cloud computing can give companies virtually unlimited computing power, it can be from the enterprise infrastructure and distribution infrastructure, server, server capacity to liberate them, and it will enable us to have a new ability to re- way, the space think about something else, such as the company's growth, service to our customers, improve business, which is completely new ways and means, but also to improve the quality of services, but also to develop a new market, just to mention to PPTV, before there is a small round table, before coming to participate in the launch ceremony, we also mentioned that a live broadcast, it is a completely new market, the world previously thought impossible, but now, now in There are such applications on our platform, which is completely unthinkable, let us so excited. So Microsoft, we provide a cloud solution, which also makes our customers into the cloud according to their approach, customers can choose to deploy either mixed mode be deployed in the cloud, office365 our products, now Microsoft one of the fastest growing product, businesses of all sizes are turning to office365, so you can get a world-class productivity solutions.

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