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Windows hunter to find loopholes in their $ 5,000 reward defect Google

September 27 International reported that you are likely to find that only the Microsoft Windows security vulnerabilities only person an award, but in local time Tuesday, Google rewards to identify vulnerabilities in Windows hunter $ 5,000.
With Chrome 22 released the final version, Google also announced the bonus rounds and Eetu Luodemaa and Joni Vahamaki two, reward it finds the Windows system about memory usage BUG.

Maybe we can be seen as the reward system Chrome Bug correcting an upgraded version of events, but Google seems to be more than the bonuses given to the Chrome browser Bug found when bonuses are also many.
Chrome development team members Chris Franciscan Jason (Jason Kersey) wrote in his blog: from time to time, we will reward those who find the master except Chrome software vulnerabilities, especially those more serious problem BUG , or where we only have the ability to solve the problem part.
In addition, Google has also given Famer Sergey Glazunov (Sergey Glazunov) a bonus of up to $ 10,000 reward he found in Chrome universal cross-site scripting attacks (UXSS) problem. It also fixes a vulnerability Chrome 22 Total $ 29,500 bonus part.
The new browser Chrome 22 also adds support for locking the interface pointer (pointer lock interface, sometimes called mouse lock), the technology is widely used in the game. For example, through a pointer lock, the player can be changed by moving the mouse perspective scene in the game without having to click the mouse button.
Google Sky than Vincent (Vincent Scheib) comes in a blog: While the game is fun, but these features also be licensed to other types of applications, such as medical, scientific visualization, training, simulation, construction mold, creation package, etc., which can get similar support. Google said the new version of Chrome also provides support for high-resolution Retina display.
Earlier this week, the time, Google released a new version of iOS Chrome, iOS 6 fixes not only the use of Gmail, but also supports the latest iPhone 5 devices. This version is based on the development of Chrome 21, the need to ensure that users be at least 17 years of age to use the App Store to download.
In addition, Google also fixes Chrome Mac OS X 10.5 platform 21, the formation of a new development branch. Back in July, Google Chrome 21 will be decided to support the final version of Mac OS X 10.5. But it is unclear when it will update an older version of Google Chrome.


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