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Microsoft Outlook Express to access Hotmail service changes

A few days ago, I began to find my Outlook Express can not receive Live Hotmail e-mail, I thought previously reported "Microsoft Outlook Express will not be able to access Hotmail ahead of schedule, and later through the Web after login Hotmail, Microsoft sent the e-mail found that did not completely stop Outlook Exxpress access support for Live Hotmail, Microsoft is still studying replacement solutions, so that after June 30 can still access Hotmail via Outlook Express.
Accompanying IE installed installed Outlook Express has a great amount, and compared to Windows Live Mail, I really like the fast and simple OE, OE address book management is also very good, I feel useful than Live Mail address book (of course Live Mail address book is stored in the network, different principles). In addition to my Live Mail's performance was a little skeptical, Outlook Express messages are all compressed into a file, and when Live Mail is a separate file for each message, when the message is very much time, will produce vast amounts of documents, which do not cause performance problem?
Of course, Live Mail anti-spam features is Outlook Express that are not integrated and combined with Live Mail and Live family of products is also very close, however, can not be denied is that many people still prefer Outlook Express is simple, if Microsoft is going to stop development Outlook Express work, or put the work into "maintenance engineering mode, then with the needs of customers, Microsoft's future may also change the original decision.
Report: Microsoft sent a message: "Outlook Express Service Change
Dear Microsoft Outlook Express users:
You may have received an email from us informing you that Microsoft plans to disable the DAV protocol for accessing Outlook Express for Windows Live Hotmail. Because users need more time to reflect on the evaluation of alternative solutions, so we decided to postpone the disabling DAV. Meanwhile, we are looking to access Windows Live Hotmail via Outlook Express alternative solutions. This means that if you use Outlook Express to access Windows Live Hotmail account, you can continue to use after the previously announced June 30 deadline. We will notify you when you launch other share plans, and you allow sufficient time to ensure a smooth transition of your future.
Also, feel free to use Windows Vista or Windows XP Outlook Express users to download and use our new generation of free e-mail client Windows Live Mail, which provides more functionality in Outlook Express basis.

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