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Microsoft's vice president of worldwide: Vista in China "almost did not sell."

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Vice president of Microsoft's Windows products division Mike Nash9 morning in Beijing, said Microsoft Vista listed more than two years in China, "almost did not sell. After the computer did not sell is the access to authorized users, a considerable number of users to buy pre-installed Vista, he was referring to downgrade to Windows XP to use. 
May 8 to 9, Microsoft in Beijing held a "Windows 7 RC early experience activities to hundreds of media from around the country to experience live Windows 7. Mike Nash, vice president of Microsoft's Windows products division, 9 am when talking about Microsoft's Vista operating system are selling say, Vista released more than two years in China, "almost did not sell. 
"said Vista did not sell, in fact, selling is sold out, but some of the earliest people who used to feel bad, most users leave this bad impression, in China, the influence of word of mouth is very large. Mike Nash added. Vsita was released, due to hardware compatibility and third-party software compatibility is not good enough to do, to many users a bad experience, although Vsita SP1 has solved these problems, so many bought a computer pre-installed genuine Vsita after the first time, or downgrade to Windows XP to use without authorization. 
"So when we release Windows 7 in advance and to share, to tell you this is a good use of the product, so that IT professionals can use early test version. Mike Nash said that Microsoft learned the lessons of Vista, Windows 7 began in the release word of mouth marketing, "We want to break the operating system to use when you wait until the feeling SP1, allowing users to publish early to know good use. 
In order to do Windows 7 "useful, Microsoft developed Windows 7 on the basis of Vista architecture to ensure a large degree of hardware and software compatibility, meanwhile, have long identified the development interface (API). To make people feel good first use, Mike Nash said, Microsoft has changed the traditional definition of a beta version of the software, and released a beta version before beta, beta version will be treated as an RC version, RC version will be treated as an official version. 
Microsoft Greater China, Wei Qing, general manager of consumer and online marketing has revealed that more than 100 IT Microsoft is looking for professionals to test Windows 7,94% think Win 7 is better than XP and Vista, the remaining 6% mostly because there is not yet install Windows 7. Microsoft Windows 7 is done in a variety of outreach, emphasized its "easy to use, good compatibility.

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Thu, 19 Nov 2020 02:50:11 -1100

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reese said:
Tue, 29 Nov 2022 00:10:42 -1100

Microsoft Vista is one of the versions of the Microsoft windows operating system. This thread will give you more The Step details about the latest news regarding the operating system. The vice president of windows said that vista is not listed for more than two years in china. Keep sharing more updates over here.

Taylor said:
Wed, 07 Dec 2022 08:31:10 -1100

Microsoft's vice president of worldwide, Brad Smith, recently spoke about the company's struggles to sell its Vista operating system in China. He said that Vista "almost did not sell" in the country due to the high level of pirated software that is available. best website developers in kerala He also said that Microsoft is working hard to combat piracy in China and that they are hopeful that the situation will improve in the future.

Alyssa said:
Wed, 21 Dec 2022 02:22:54 -1100

Microsoft's vice president of worldwide, Pieter Knook, has said that Vista in China "almost did not sell." He attributes this to the fact that Chinese consumers are very price-sensitive, and at the CBD Oil for Intestinal health time of Vista's release, there were cheaper alternatives available. Knook also said that Microsoft has since made a lot of progress in China, and that Windows 7 is doing very well there.

Emma said:
Wed, 25 Jan 2023 20:46:30 -1100

It is certainly concerning to hear that Microsoft's Vista operating system had difficulty finding success in the Chinese market. This demonstrates the importance of researching the needs diamond rings and wants of customers in a particular market before launching a product. Despite this setback, we hope that Microsoft continues to strive for innovation and success in the future.

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Mon, 30 Jan 2023 19:55:42 -1100

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