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Microsoft first released the Chinese version of Mac Office Excel Beijing team contribution

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Microsoft today for mainland Chinese users with a simplified Chinese version of Office for Mac 2011 trial version download, this is the first release of Microsoft's global Chinese Apple Mac OS X systems with Office, and Microsoft Excel which Beijing team contributions. 
It is reported that the Chinese version of Office for Mac 2011 by Microsoft in Seattle, Silicon Valley, China Beijing three teamwork to complete, including Microsoft's Beijing team throughout the development of the Excel component. 
Chinese version of Office for Mac 2011 native support for Simplified Chinese language, either Word, Excel or PowerPoint, Outlook for Mac system has been fully optimized, while providing a variety of Chinese fonts and compatible with all the details perfect, and can be achieve good collaborative editing PC, Mac users. 
The release of the trial version to use for a period of one month, the official version will be released to market in June this year, has not announced specific prices. 
Office for Mac 2011 Trial Download Process Simplified Chinese: 
1, visit the official website 
2, click the button to download a trial version. 
3 Fill in the country (Chinese - Simplified Chinese products), e-mail, name and other information (Usage). 
4, landing filled mailboxes, access trial order number and password. 
5, returning the Microsoft Web site and look for their orders. 
6, enter the order number, password, and click the Find button orders. 
7, the download button will appear after confirmation. 
8, be selected when installing free 30-day trial, and then enter the email address you provided when registering.
About Windows 8 will be a public beta this fall I believe everyone is familiar with the rumors, and more news in the BUILD Conference in September will be released on Microsoft Windows 8 Beta. But these are all just rumors Bale, Microsoft has never had to give a positive response to this. 
Yesterday, Microsoft finally on the Windows 8 beta release date for the first time a public statement. Windows boss Steven Sinofsky department opened a Windows 8 official blog, and wrote a blog post open. In this article, Sinofsky said, "The future Windows 8 Beta will meet you in a few months. This statement also verified before rumors. 
Microsoft has so far silent on Windows 8, so a lot of fans unhappy, Sinofsky have also had to respond. He pointed out that Microsoft is doing is drawing on the lessons of the past, "We know that a lot of people because we published the contents of Windows 8 too little and very angry, so do we learn from past lessons in practice for many years, ever we will publish undetermined sometimes prematurely were talking in a function, which leads to a lot of criticism. 
Windows 8 is a major release, before we have seen the tablet version of its user interface, but Microsoft has always been good for the desktop version, we still know very little about. BUILD Conference has been very close, Microsoft will reveal many important features Windows 8 at this meeting, so fans of Windows 8, and then wait a long time now.

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