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Microsoft Arcmouse play another new wireless mouse folding fresh enough

Daily facing the same mouse and keyboard will not get bored? Today Xiaobian to introduce a highly personalized ArcMouse Microsoft wireless mouse, it uses innovative folding design, both bring a fresh experience, but also can save space, but also more convenient to carry, the current market price of its 290 yuan, interested friends can think about. 
Microsoft ArcMouse wireless folding mouse is Microsoft's latest development is the business office portable mouse, original folding technique is its biggest bright spot. This mouse has a red color on black two choices when you buy must be noted that the mouse is glossy red and black mouse is matte material. Front bottom of the mouse buttons is a little black mouse button switch, full of energy to save energy to play a hundred percent. 
Microsoft ArcMouse folding wireless mouse either red or black at the bottom of the mouse are both stylish silver embellishment, ideal for a family business office, and stylish purchase. Super mini wireless receiver when not in use can be embedded in the grooves inside the mouse, and portable design with magnetic absorption is not easily lost. 
Microsoft ArcMouse folding mouse uses 2.4G wireless technology, the maximum transmission distance of 10 meters, superior interference immunity. Using high-precision laser tracking engine, the mouse resolution of 1000dpi, positioning is very accurate. Mouse feel pretty good, just starting the habit may take some time to get started, it is easy to carry folding design. 
Editor Comments: This mouse can be said that the size of Microsoft's hand users can use different size users only need to change the keyboard and mouse can be, the current market price of this mouse is 290 yuan, although a little high, but it's design or very worthy choice. 
According to reports, the Nikkei research firm Nikkei Research today released the 2010 annual report of the Japanese corporate brand ranking. 
The report shows that last year, Google came in second consecutive success beyond occupy the top five software giant Microsoft. 
Nikkei research company 33,033 consumers and 14,182 business people conducted an online survey questionnaire is mainly for corporate brand recognition and consumer-to-business products and service experience to conduct an investigation. 
Google results with 782 points to win the first Japanese brand title, Microsoft, 1 point behind second place; This result is just the transposition and last year's ranking, Microsoft 2009 Google 25 points ahead in second. Google is currently in Japan to accelerate the development of monthly users visit the site over Microsoft; and Microsoft, with its longer history and Japanese companies in Japan and IT vendors equally strong relationships in a leading position. 
Sony with 768 points still came in third, with 740 points from Yahoo sixth to fourth, sixth slipped from eighth Panasonic, Canon rose from eighth to sixth.
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