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Microsoft denies Windows 7 leave "back door"

On Monday, when a senior U.S. National Security Agency Information Assurance (NSA) in charge of Richard Schaeffer told the U.S. Senate Terrorism and Homeland Security Subcommittee, NSA has Microsoft Windows 7 developers and cooperation "to strengthen the security of Microsoft's operating system . After the news media uproar, but today Microsoft's public statement, denying leave "backdoor in Windows 7. 
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) executive Marc Rotenberg on NSA participation in the development of the Windows operating system condemned: "The key question is NSA has a dual mission, COMPUSEC (computer security) and communications intelligence (SIGINT) surveillance in other words. 
Rotenberg yesterday again raised doubts on this nagging question: NSA is forcing companies like Microsoft to leave "back doors in their code in order to facilitate the NSA to monitor user to intercept communication data, he also pointed out that Microsoft is hard to resist the NSA "proposal, except for some obvious reasons, the U.S. government agency or one of their major clients. 
Microsoft conducted a complete today categorically denied that Microsoft's official spokesman said: "Microsoft is not installed 'backdoor' in Windows, and will never. He also explains how the NSA is involved in the development of Windows 7, but the problem and Security Compliance Management Toolkit related "(NSA and Microsoft) discussed here. It is shortly after Microsoft released Windows 7 Windows 7 versions listed security management toolkit. 
Security Compliance Management Toolkit primarily to businesses, government agencies and large organizations, providing a complete set of security configuration services to provide a higher risk aversion programs while addressing unexpected incidents, but also including the deployment and monitoring "configuration drift tool. 
Microsoft denied leave backdoors in Windows is not quite surprising, well-known anti-virus software vendor AVG researcher Roger Thompson, chief security said: "I can not imagine NSA and Microsoft would deliberately do such a thing, because once they are caught, it will will cause an explosive reaction.

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Attractive specifications: comparing Lumia 630 and Nokia X2

After just four months, launched its first Android phone, the Nokia X family added a new member today, Nokia X2 launch. Like the original Nokia X, X2 is responsible for the company's efforts into the most price-sensitive market, designed to allow a new generation of buyers, this should be their first smartphone.
Priced at only € 99 欧元, X2 is € 20 欧元 cheaper than Nokia's Windows Phone 8.1 new entry-level phones, Lumia 630, which in a few weeks around the world. Despite the lower cost of X2, but there are some areas, it beats Windows Phone brothers and sisters, at least on paper.
Initially, Nokia has included an LED flash on the X2, but 630 is not one. 630 no front camera, but there are problems X2 gets a VGA cam.
X2 also got an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor, and 630 are not. If you want to dual SIM card support for Lumia, you have to pay 129 euros (€ with € 119 630 compared to the price of a single card), while X2 supports two SIM card standard.
All of this makes the lower end of the range of Microsoft's somewhat confusing, frankly. Perhaps not surprisingly, Francisco Jeronimo, research director of mobile industry analyst at IDC, said earlier today in Europe, operators are racking their brains to do what device Nokia X family.
I still do not understand this Nokia X portfolio strategy, especially in us. No single operator, we already know how to position X
Francisco (June 24, 2014 fjeronimo Geronimo ")
Smartphone buyers in the budget faces an interesting choice of how to spend their hard-earned money, of course, choose the two devices is not here to see you much wider, and many smart phones compete precautions consumers.
But if the Nokia Lumia 630 and x2 fall in your price range and you are considering buying one of these, we unite together to help give you some ideas on how to compare.

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