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Microsoft's vice president of worldwide: Vista in China "almost did not sell."

Vice president of Microsoft's Windows products division Mike Nash9 morning in Beijing, said Microsoft Vista listed more than two years in China, "almost did not sell. After the computer did not sell is the access to authorized users, a considerable number of users to buy pre-installed Vista, he was referring to downgrade to Windows XP to use. 
May 8 to 9, Microsoft in Beijing held a "Windows 7 RC early experience activities to hundreds of media from around the country to experience live Windows 7. Mike Nash, vice president of Microsoft's Windows products division, 9 am when talking about Microsoft's Vista operating system are selling say, Vista released more than two years in China, "almost did not sell. 
"said Vista did not sell, in fact, selling is sold out, but some of the earliest people who used to feel bad, most users leave this bad impression, in China, the influence of word of mouth is very large. Mike Nash added. Vsita was released, due to hardware compatibility and third-party software compatibility is not good enough to do, to many users a bad experience, although Vsita SP1 has solved these problems, so many bought a computer pre-installed genuine Vsita after the first time, or downgrade to Windows XP to use without authorization. 
"So when we release Windows 7 in advance and to share, to tell you this is a good use of the product, so that IT professionals can use early test version. Mike Nash said that Microsoft learned the lessons of Vista, Windows 7 began in the release word of mouth marketing, "We want to break the operating system to use when you wait until the feeling SP1, allowing users to publish early to know good use. 
In order to do Windows 7 "useful, Microsoft developed Windows 7 on the basis of Vista architecture to ensure a large degree of hardware and software compatibility, meanwhile, have long identified the development interface (API). To make people feel good first use, Mike Nash said, Microsoft has changed the traditional definition of a beta version of the software, and released a beta version before beta, beta version will be treated as an RC version, RC version will be treated as an official version. 
Microsoft Greater China, Wei Qing, general manager of consumer and online marketing has revealed that more than 100 IT Microsoft is looking for professionals to test Windows 7,94% think Win 7 is better than XP and Vista, the remaining 6% mostly because there is not yet install Windows 7. Microsoft Windows 7 is done in a variety of outreach, emphasized its "easy to use, good compatibility.

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Microsoft said developers: Metro is your future

For participating in the Microsoft Build Conference of developers, there is good news and bad news. The good news is Silverlight and. Net will not come to an end, the bad news is that they can only be used to develop the traditional main / desktop applications, because the application is Windows Metro mainstream 8. This can can find out from the Windows engineers Ales Holecek presentation. 
You can see from the chart below, you can develop and run applications on a two-part system Windows 8 PC, tablet. The first part is a Metro style app, belong to the modern scene of applications running in full-screen, focus on visual effects and user experience. 
Developers when developing Metro applications can use C, C + +, C #, Visual Basic, HTML5/CSS, JavaScript, XAML and other languages​​, and includes a XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) represents the Jupiter platform. Jupiter is the Window XAML / UI layer 8 on that lets Silverlight and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) applications running on the platform. 
The second part is called the "desktop-style applications, users can access by clicking on the desktop icon on the Windows 8 program. These procedures are not necessarily the scene of which may be similar to the traditional Windows programs, the default mode of operation is not the primary touch screen, while still a mouse and keyboard. This desktop application is a typical example of Photoshop, Intuit. 
Microsoft Metro applications as the future mainstream. If you do not believe it, you can go and see this directory Build Assembly meeting, many clubs Build Conference theme is on training new developers to Windows 8 application mode, and developers how to use HTML5 and JavaScript development of new Metro applications, only a few chapters mentioned. Net, Visual Basic and C #. There is no branch involving the use of non-Microsoft development tools and frameworks (such as PHP, Ruby) to develop Windows 8 applications, there is no chapter about Silverlight. 
This presentation is also interesting content, that is, "a system service (system services) part - WinRT API, which is the Windows Runtime, used to build a series of API Metro style applications. Has already been confirmed, Windows 8 does exist WinRT API. 
It is unclear whether this represents what WinRT API, but guess it should be communication, image and device / print core services, will likely replace Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
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Nokia: Microsoft do WP8 phones prove viable

Although the continent has been robbed HTC windows Phone 8 starting the initiative, Nokia's first WP8 models slightest confidence in the market were not shaken. December 5, Nokia WP8 phones Mobile customized version-Lumia920T officially released in Guangzhou, its global CEO Elop also appeared, as many as one of the guests 920T "site.
Guth Hua, president of Nokia Greater China, said in the conversation Phoenix on Lumia's confidence in the future, in the face camouflage WP rival camp, and even rumors that Microsoft will also launch its own situation WP phones, Guth, China believes that it will instead Description vitality WP industry, he is convinced that Nokia was the right choice. 
Published 920T models on the same stage with WP8 PK 
The launch of the Lumia920T of China Mobile's customized models, with 4.5 inches display, dual-core processor 1.5GH, is the first to support TD-SCDMA network WP8 smart machine. The official price of 4,599 yuan, yellow, red, white, black four colors to choose from, is expected to be available this December. 
In China it seems Guth, PureMotion HD + HD screen, Pureview, wireless charging, and so is the Lumia 920 urban kaleidoscope unique bright spot, in addition to Windows Phone 8 will be one of the reasons Lumia 920 to attract customers. 
Lumia920 earlier start on sale in Germany, Italy, Australia and other places, the sales was more than expected. Retailers DNA from Nokia Finland hometown even said: Lumia 920 market demand for more than 10 years, any one of Nokia's mobile phones. 
It is reported that, Lumia920T will be fully produced in China, Nokia said, so the Chinese market faster product turnover, supply can be guaranteed. At present, China has become the largest market of Nokia Lumia. 
Microsoft WP8 system in the ascendant, as an ally Nokia is not the thriving, even repeated failure "starting right. 
First was the first to release the world's first Samsung WP8 phones, Monday, HTC Unicom customized version of WP8 8X and 8S also intelligent machines "cards with point release, coupled with Apple's iPhone 5 will next week visit the mainland, attack rival, Nokia whether the future may be, is still unknown. 
Continued betting windows Phone 
Market research firm Strategy Analytics data shows that Apple and Android phones now account for nearly the entire European smartphone market share of 90%. The displayed data from IDC, Nokia fell in the third quarter of 2012, the world's top five smartphone vendors shipped. 
This aspect because Nokia is in a transition from Symbian smart machines to intelligent machines WP course, competitors get ample opportunity to compete for market share; hand, Lumia previous models use more WP7.5 system, you can not upgrade directly to WP8, consumers' attitudes hold out significantly, leading to declining sales. 
As a result, analysts believe that high-speed LTE module and Windows Phone 8 will be the main selling point Lumia920 Nokia is expected to re-use other platforms to attract old customers. Strategy Analytics analyst Neil? Mao Princeton (Neil Mawston) that "European consumer demand for 4G mobile phone is obviously very strong. Lumia 920 and 820 phones can be compatible with multiple 20 LTE mobile network in Western Europe. iPhone is compatible only Deutsche Telekom and British EE's LTE network. He expects the fourth quarter of this year Nokia will sell 5 million Lumia handsets, up from 2.9 million the previous quarter. 
However, the market is always a turbulent, unpredictable. There are rumors that Microsoft is planning to launch its own WP intelligent machines, like the launch of its own tablet computers, more news further confirmed that Microsoft's OEM Foxconn the phone, if that is true, Nokia's days may be even worse. 
Guth Hua Microsoft will launch its own brand mobile phone rumors did not comment, but he said more manufacturers join WP8 camp, meaning the prospect of WP8 is very optimistic about the industry chain, which also choose from the side that had the Nokia WP system correct. 
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Guth Hua believes that 2013 has very important significance for WP chain, it is expected that more manufacturers involved.
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Microsoft Vista memory overflow problem solving

"Out of Memory" prompts restrictions often make us recall the memory of 640KB DOS era, but it is not entirely proprietary DOS, Windows Vista systems users to play some new games will encounter this prompt. Investigated hardware reason is because the application range of 2G addressing limitations on the Windows platform, the other Vista system memory for graphics processing methods are also virtual omissions.
Microsoft recently released an issue for this hotfix patch, although still in the testing phase, but according to media test indeed been solved "Out of Memory" errors. Because this patch is still in testing phase, and therefore it does not appear in Windows Update, and whether it will be included in the Vita SP1 also currently unknown.
Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) is one of the Windows Vista system brings new features, WDDM can achieve some special effects via the desktop graphics support, such as glass effect. Another big advantage WDDM on Vista system brings virtual memory management support, because WDDM intervention, other applications may not need to worry about the adequacy of graphics memory, the ability to save enough for needed programs and games, or other textures some information.
However, and the program under Windows as virtual memory management program subject to the same constraints 2GB addressing, and memory when the application of conflict management procedures, it is possible to run 2GB addressing space. Microsoft released a patch tries to mitigate the impact of this problem, particularly when an application needs memory, through the establishment of a virtual memory space to resolve the conflict mentioned above. Microsoft put this process is called "lockable", then patched, only lockable procedures in order to establish a virtual memory space.
AnandTech test site showed this patch does significantly reduce the impact of memory on the game via a 768MB GeForce 8800 GTX measured prove that the memory footprint of each game in about 400MB. However, even after the patched game average memory usage under Vista than XP system with hardware systems in case more 180MB. You can make most of the game through patches in the following 2GB safety line, but there are still games such as "Supreme Commander" reached 1580MB memory footprint, we do not know whether the next generation of games will exceed this limit again, causing the problem reoccurs , Well, unless that time people are using the 64-bit operating systems.

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Microsoft announced Azure cloud computing platform in detail the charges

Microsoft today announced its cloud computing platform Azure pricing model, and that the product will be available in mid-November.
Microsoft said, Azure will be charged based on actual usage, in order to attract business customers, will be conducted using a discount promotion. Azure platform computing resource pricing is $ 0.12 per hour, storage resource is priced at $ 0.15 per month per GB, 10,000 times the storage fee per transaction is $ 0.10. SQL Azure will provide $ 9.99 basic subscription packages, database capacity up to 1GB, and $ 99.99 for the commercial version of the database capacity up to 10GB.
Microsoft also offers called "development accelerator (development accelerator) discount packages, this package divided into two categories, will provide 15% and 30% discount respectively. To enjoy the discount, you must ensure that at least six months, the amount of excess billing period in accordance with the normal standards, six months after all the resources it will return to normal standards.
Microsoft also announced that, Azure will officially be available in Microsoft's "Professional Developers Conference, held this year in mid-November on. Microsoft first released in October last year Azure, developers have been through the Microsoft Community Technology Preview (Community Technology Preview) test the platform.
Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform has previously triggered a strong reaction in the industry, the platform will include a network-based relational database in Microsoft SQL Azure, and simultaneously. NET service connection and are compatible with Microsoft.
Microsoft said, Azure computing and reliability of the connection will reach 99.95%, while the reliability of the storage resources of up to 99.99%.
Microsoft's chief software architect Leiao Zi (Ray Ozzie) has said that Microsoft has a double advantage in two areas of platforms and applications, but also has extensive experience in the consumer and enterprise markets, and Microsoft Azure will establish a presence in the cloud .
Microsoft's chief software architect Ray Ozzie said that providing online services is all the weeks of cloud computing services will reduce the profit margin of the company's existing software business.
Ozzie in the Silicon Valley technology conference yesterday, said: "The service is not now profit profit software, cloud computing will make our total revenue increases, but does not bring much profit.
Ozzie is Microsoft's cloud computing gradually into a dominant force, since Gates retired three years ago, he has been managing Microsoft's long-term technology strategy. Microsoft has so far only in the exploratory stage of cloud computing for home users to invest in a data center, will be launched later this year, the version of Windows Azure cloud computing platform, providing developers to develop software for the cloud computing platform.
Local business users typically run the program, but with the development of the Internet, more and more users to perform a variety of online software on the server, which is using cloud computing services, in theory, the use of cloud computing can help users save hardware and maintenance costs, since all data storage and operations are performed on the data center and server-side services.

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Attractive specifications: comparing Lumia 630 and Nokia X2

After just four months, launched its first Android phone, the Nokia X family added a new member today, Nokia X2 launch. Like the original Nokia X, X2 is responsible for the company's efforts into the most price-sensitive market, designed to allow a new generation of buyers, this should be their first smartphone.
Priced at only € 99 欧元, X2 is € 20 欧元 cheaper than Nokia's Windows Phone 8.1 new entry-level phones, Lumia 630, which in a few weeks around the world. Despite the lower cost of X2, but there are some areas, it beats Windows Phone brothers and sisters, at least on paper.
Initially, Nokia has included an LED flash on the X2, but 630 is not one. 630 no front camera, but there are problems X2 gets a VGA cam.
X2 also got an ambient light sensor and a proximity sensor, and 630 are not. If you want to dual SIM card support for Lumia, you have to pay 129 euros (€ with € 119 630 compared to the price of a single card), while X2 supports two SIM card standard.
All of this makes the lower end of the range of Microsoft's somewhat confusing, frankly. Perhaps not surprisingly, Francisco Jeronimo, research director of mobile industry analyst at IDC, said earlier today in Europe, operators are racking their brains to do what device Nokia X family.
I still do not understand this Nokia X portfolio strategy, especially in us. No single operator, we already know how to position X
Francisco (June 24, 2014 fjeronimo Geronimo ")
Smartphone buyers in the budget faces an interesting choice of how to spend their hard-earned money, of course, choose the two devices is not here to see you much wider, and many smart phones compete precautions consumers.
But if the Nokia Lumia 630 and x2 fall in your price range and you are considering buying one of these, we unite together to help give you some ideas on how to compare.

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Microsoft announced a new generation of Windows Live Essentials

Microsoft officially announced a new version of Windows Live Essentials, a brief description of its improvement. Windows Live Essentials includes instant messaging Messenger, e-mail Mail, Photo Gallery Photo Gallery, Movie Maker Movie Maker, Writer, Sync and Family Safety, Family Safety, Microsoft will open the next few weeks to test.
In the upcoming release of the new version, Microsoft has made major improvements in two areas: to make each task easier; to Windows 7 and cloud computing together.
- Windows 7 has largely simplifies the user's task, in the new Windows Live, Microsoft is committed to providing users save even more time, Essentials can help users achieve a more easy and convenient exchange and communication, and easily production, publishing and sharing photos, audio and video information.
The new version of Windows Live Essentials integrates Windows Ribbon user interface 7 support graphics, animation GPU hardware acceleration, support for Windows 7 taskbar Jumplist function of ......
- Today, many cloud services have achieved the same through the browser, but also in combination with Windows Live Essentials Windows 7 together provide users with more cloud computing services. Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, e-mail and instant messaging services and realize the sharing of photos, audio and video (SkyDrive, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, SmugMug), social networks (Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn), Email (Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo ! Mail), blog (Spaces, WordPress, Blogger) and documentation services (Office Web Apps) are closely connected.
Microsoft first introduced some improvements Windows Live Photo Gallery, and said that he would continue to introduce other components of Windows Live Essentials.
The new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery uses the Windows 7 Ribbon interface, you can quickly be sorted by date, label, size and so on. In addition, how many photos you want to search for photos of it? The best way of course is to search by people, the new photo gallery face recognition technology introduced in the lap of someone, you can quickly search that contains the person's photograph.
The new version of Windows Live Photo Gallery provides automatic adjustment, retouching, batch processing, after adjusting for a good photo can also be posted directly to the web, such as social networking sites, SkyDrive, mail and so on.

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"National roaming" proposal to the British mobile phone users access to all network

Phone users in large cities and towns will be spoiled for choice when mobile network coverage, such as the carrier blanket populated areas and their cell towers. But the risk of local people are far outnumbered cattle and sheep, which is quite a different story.
Will cover the challenges in rural areas is a carrier has been in existence for many years, but with the growing use of smartphones and mobile computing, there are more and more to ensure that those living in these parts of the world without leaving the needs. With this in mind, a new "national roaming" plan, the government has made in the UK.
As BBC News reports, the Minister of Culture Sajid Javid said that in the UK operators should allow customers to turn to other networks where they can not by their carrier to get a signal.
In some parts of the UK, in other countries, only one or two networks have installed cell towers and masts, leaving those other operators unlucky. Under national roaming solution, users can access any available network, they will be the same way in the international roaming.
There is no doubt that network operators are not keen on this idea, that this will give them a little incentive to improve their investment to expand network coverage. Insiders tell a moving BBC said that in the existing legislation, the government may still be able to force the operators to implement the program.
Three spokesman said the company supports the principle of expanding the coverage of the local bad service ", and added:" the government "is the best way to do it.
Sidekick mobile phone users in the United States has experienced the pain of waiting for nearly two weeks after the loss of personal data finally have hope of resolving the problem. In the T-Mobile server failure leads to publicly acknowledge the loss of user data after a week, Roz Ho, vice president of Microsoft's mobile business, said in a statement on the T-Mobile customer service website, they have to repair the fault, will soon begin to push users to successfully recover personal information.
Problems occur at the beginning of last week, T-Mobile has said that the possibility of data recovery is unlikely. Microsoft also acknowledged that because of server failure affects both the core server also affects the backup database, so the difficulty of data recovery is considerable. However, through the hard work of the week, Microsoft has now finally found a way to restore user data.
Roz Ho said in a statement that they have been repaired by-module server failure, while restoring the "vast majority (if not all) of user data, after everything is ready it will recover as soon as possible to push data to the user. Among them, the user's address book information will be restored priority, followed by the calendar, notepad, calendar, photos, game scores, etc.
But he also acknowledged that a small number of users may still be faced with the problem of data loss, these users need to wait for further notice. T-Mobile has said it will eventually fail to recover data provide $ 100 plus free services to compensate for purchase time.
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EU to 2 million euros a day heavy fines Microsoft

The European Commission issued on Thursday that Microsoft threatened to impose its euro ($ 2.37 million) per day 2.0 million heavy penalties on the grounds that Microsoft's refusal to third-party groups open the Windows operating system. Microsoft countered that the EU does not understand the difference between open source and open API. March 2004, the EU ordered Microsoft to allow competitors access to some network protocols for Windows so that "non-Microsoft work group servers to achieve full with Windows PCs and servers collaboration," while stripping requires Microsoft Windows Media Player Player from Windows XP , also fined Microsoft 497 million euros in. Microsoft from the outset opposed the ruling, claiming that any form of open source code "of its intellectual property rights are violated on a global scale." Microsoft has filed an appeal in August this year, and to seek assistance from other technology companies in November. But in early December, the EU Court of First Instance dismissed Microsoft's appeal and declared that if Microsoft is not until Dec. 15 to comply with the ruling, it will face a certain amount of daily heavy penalties. Since then, the EU has been in monitoring Microsoft's process. EU Competition Commission Neelie Kroes said in a statement: "I have given Microsoft every opportunity to perform its obligations, but now I have no choice but to take formal enforcement measures allow Microsoft to succumb." Microsoft respects soon make responded, accusing the EU is not fair to dismiss a statement, claiming that the Commission confused the distinction between open source and open within the system, nor have carefully reviewed the documentation submitted by Microsoft after the correction. Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith also complained that the statement: "So far we've responded to several hundred EU requirements and continue to work to meet the requirements of the new EU or after the change, but every time we make a change, the EU will transfer target, request otherwise. "Microsoft has five weeks of time to apply for an oral hearing, no later than January 25. EU spokesman Jonathan Todd said at a news conference, said: "If Microsoft still will not implement the ruling, it must be turned over to a daily fine."
The New York Times recently published an article about Microsoft's strategy and special project manager Mark Penn's article, he was responsible for the team recently being carried out "Sroogled activities aimed at exposing Google shopping search results are paid advertisements.
The New York Times quoted a Google spokesperson Jill Hazelbaker PR In this report, she said, Google and Microsoft is different, "...... we (Google) to focus on Google's own development and active role in promoting the industry, rather than the competition itself. Sort of negative remarks about Microsoft.
This remarks to Microsoft public relations executive Frank X. Shaw was very unhappy, to refute Jill Hazelbaker, he launched a vocal opposition to her on Jill's personal Twitter.

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Microsoft Outlook Express to access Hotmail service changes

A few days ago, I began to find my Outlook Express can not receive Live Hotmail e-mail, I thought previously reported "Microsoft Outlook Express will not be able to access Hotmail ahead of schedule, and later through the Web after login Hotmail, Microsoft sent the e-mail found that did not completely stop Outlook Exxpress access support for Live Hotmail, Microsoft is still studying replacement solutions, so that after June 30 can still access Hotmail via Outlook Express.
Accompanying IE installed installed Outlook Express has a great amount, and compared to Windows Live Mail, I really like the fast and simple OE, OE address book management is also very good, I feel useful than Live Mail address book (of course Live Mail address book is stored in the network, different principles). In addition to my Live Mail's performance was a little skeptical, Outlook Express messages are all compressed into a file, and when Live Mail is a separate file for each message, when the message is very much time, will produce vast amounts of documents, which do not cause performance problem?
Of course, Live Mail anti-spam features is Outlook Express that are not integrated and combined with Live Mail and Live family of products is also very close, however, can not be denied is that many people still prefer Outlook Express is simple, if Microsoft is going to stop development Outlook Express work, or put the work into "maintenance engineering mode, then with the needs of customers, Microsoft's future may also change the original decision.
Report: Microsoft sent a message: "Outlook Express Service Change
Dear Microsoft Outlook Express users:
You may have received an email from us informing you that Microsoft plans to disable the DAV protocol for accessing Outlook Express for Windows Live Hotmail. Because users need more time to reflect on the evaluation of alternative solutions, so we decided to postpone the disabling DAV. Meanwhile, we are looking to access Windows Live Hotmail via Outlook Express alternative solutions. This means that if you use Outlook Express to access Windows Live Hotmail account, you can continue to use after the previously announced June 30 deadline. We will notify you when you launch other share plans, and you allow sufficient time to ensure a smooth transition of your future.
Also, feel free to use Windows Vista or Windows XP Outlook Express users to download and use our new generation of free e-mail client Windows Live Mail, which provides more functionality in Outlook Express basis.

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